Friday, December 8, 2017

Year end love care and share

For our students only and readers with us.
Newbies u do ur own charity ok:> because is we a group do for many years le. No time explain details:> Is heart to heart.

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We need 30 students or friends for Care and Share project around $20 to $50 per pax.
Do email to grace than she will reply. Than once donated let her know.  Once receive reply than donate as we only need 30 students.

Closing date Monday

Peacock King Charity Act, merits dedicate to all beings

1) Donate medicine (Grace committee will decide on which)
2) Lamp Offerings in Monastery for world peace
3) Medicine and food at cambodia
4) Plant Neem Trees in Cambodia for bryan lao shi to educate people to use and help people immune system
5) Coffin Donation for the poor.
6) Animal Release (proper find out than release)

Our committee will be doing above but no time one by one tell u who what. So remember.
The details mentioned in previous post le; , If u are in doubt please do ur own charity, is ok de:>

POSB saving 358036058 . inform Grace

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