Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Jan 2018 what to eat

Welcome 2018 Talk Left 28 seats. if u have not register do register this yearly fengshui talk::> Attend and good luck. Dont feel lazy , come and enjoy the good energy. Where on earth 600 pax gather to do positive affirmations together:>

Health concern in 2018:
House spray Protections often. And above ur head spray Tranquility spray and let the mist envelope u.

Remember this two spray is 10 years le, and the flowers every year will modify and free from chemicals.
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2018 what to do beside reading www.omhealth.com/Peace2018.html

Rat:  West side of bedroom or house or living room keep them clean. Can put 6D hulu or the twin hulu to enhance energy
2018 Jan: Use Love miracle blend final rinse
Red apple

Ox: NW of house if want can put dragon tortise help reduce tai sui effect and u must carry 5D coin.
2018 Jan: Use Flow oil final rinse body

Tiger: NE of any area can put 5D coin if there are small people
U are more concern with Small obstacles;
2018 Jan: Use Bryan relax blend final rinse
Kiwi Green

Rabbit: 6D hulu or hulu twin can put West to better health
Talk less really watch ur mouth dont be too arrogant.
2018 Jan: Use Victoria Secret final rinse

Dragon: North is a place u can take care to reduce obstacles by 5D coin.
2018 Jan : Use Awakening blend final rinse


Hi all

this year is quite difficult for me to pre pack ur orders and self collection for the 14th talk. Because leng leng and lai lai that period work shift work.

And mama and papa and me need to pack the items to set up for the event. Luckily have 2 students will help me load and unload the store.

So hope u dont mind, we pack and courier ur items. U can order before 14th Jan or after event de ok:.

Really Appreciate ur understanding:>

谢谢。 Age catching up aahahha, now hor to set up a event alone not easy. For past 18 years event big or small I ownself set up. Lately find abit tough because alot things to do.

That day event, I want to ensure best topics to u and let u enjoy ok:>

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