Saturday, December 2, 2017

12 Animal Signs

Writing 12 Animal Signs is something many of u look forward.
Omhealth has written for total of 15 years so is more than a cycle. With all the database and understanding. I make it so easy to follow.

Welcome 2018 talk is a fengshui talk and now we left with 80 seats le:> Many old comers forget register and always last minute so take note.

I am so busy with preparing and dont forget to register the class welcome 2018 at NTUC auditorium email to

12 Animal Sign


U can order from email: with mobile and address and say u want the

$68 or $88; and how many pieces.

Power of These Dragon Tortise

The dragon tortise takes long time to make because of the wood use is a special wood of healing. In royal time it was used to make certain fengshui furniture.
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Omhealth Healing Redwood

The wood has unique "cleansing " aura and it was used to make furniture in past because to prevent illnesses and good for body and mind.
It is a unique wood and very authentic and in Ming and Qing dynasty is a very royal wood.

The Chinese Redwood was thought to be extinct for thousands of years and then was happily rediscovered in 1944. Redwoods have experienced morphological stasis for the last 65 million years, meaning the modern tree is identical to its late Cretaceous ancestors. The gummy sap is used as a stimulant and tonic to treat fatigue, stress, and rundown conditions.

 A brown dye can be made from the bark. Sprouts from burls have been used in making baskets. The soft fibrous bark can be easily harvested without hurting the tree and was used as insulating or stuffing material, the fine bark dust created while doing stripping the bark is a good soil conditioner.
The trees are an ancient symbol of protection, balance, and pursuing new visions. Redwoods are practically immune to termites and pests making their wood valuable for building with.
A Redwoods roots never die, when the tree dies or is cut down, new ones grow from the sprouts of the tree’s roots. The only way to stop a redwood from growing is to have it struck by lightening.

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