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Tai Sui 2017 and 2018

14th Jan 2018 will reveal a powerful special day that brings many good energy. HHEheheheh Have u registered this workshop at NTUC Auditorium。

(Article 3 tomorrow, when to given thanks 2017 TaiSui)

Those that has been with omhealth for 16 years know that our lucky insect is Dragonflies. And when things activated and it flies to me, means double good. It happens to heng ball ( u all remember) and after 3 years launch of dragon tortoise and the donut is amazing.

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2018 Tai Sui (A Upright Justice General)

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Tai Sui 2018
Chinese are very afraid of Tai Sui and in 2018 the Tai Sui is Commander 姜武 (1622), he is known to protect people and also kills alot of bandits at his time. So this 2018 Tai Sui is a very Fierce yet compassion Tai Sui. This means that if u do bad things and hurt people u will suffer bad luck very easily.

Tai Sui in Temple there are total of 60 Tai Sui. Every year it rotates the Tai Sui that will take care of the year.

So when u go Temple pray, u can bring below Joss Paper (all  animal sign can pray Tai Sui) and 5 Oranges. Than u pray the Year Tai Sui and pray to ur own Tai sui.

2018 is a year of lacking of resources and money year. So for 2018 4th Feb this Tai Sui will arrive and if u can at temple bring some flowers, Ang Kun Kuek and also Fa Gao pray to Tai Sui very good. (omhealth 4th Feb 2018 has temple walk for students only).

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The BIG 4 Animal Affected by Tai Sui
Carry around ur new flower of life 5 D coin and if have black tourmaline bracelet wear right wrist.

Dog: Xin Tai Sui 
prone to Shi Fei and also Minor accident. But by donation medicine and charity is good. 4th Feb online donate medicine ba.

Oil For u to Use 2018 (can start now as last 3 month handle ur next year): Purification Oil Blend (use in bath or tissue throw in bag)

Dragon : Cong Tai Sui
Well alot fengshui book say this 2018 u are cong and cong , double cong . For me i interprete is that u are preparing to 2019 good luck, so 2018 is testing and molding u. So for 2018 u should monthly pray to Tai Sui in Temple ok:>  And also Cundi mantra chant more.

Essential Oil to use is Cypress oil.

Ox: Bo Tai Sui
Careful of water sports and also lost of wealth  and small people blocking u.
4th Feb 2018, u can ur screen saver for mobile change to Tai Sui pic. And light lamp in temple.

Essential Oil to use is bay Laurel Oil

Goat : Hai Tai Sui

Easily quarrel with people and human relationship unknowingly u feel agitated. Go dental in feb 2018. Also Dragon tortise hang at home facing main door.

Essential Oil to use: Love Miracle Blend.

Article ONE:

Tai Sui 2017 Still in charge taking care of all till 4th Feb 2018.
So remember . What's happening from Nov 2017 to Jan 2018 is an indication of whether we have a good energy in 2018.
So this 3 months continue to think positive and handle ur daily life with love and light.
Items to use
1) Heng Scrub

2) Wash Toilet, spray Protection Spray in House

3) Light Incense in house
harness good energy.

2018 Tai Sui
Tai Sui is the Year God take charge of the current year who rules over all the earth deities. 

To avoid offending the Tai Sui, people do go temple twice a month to pray to Tai Sui

It is believed that improvement of health, luck, wealth, prosperity, family safety and helpful mentors supports will be granted, even during predicted bad year.
My personal experience and also 20 over years of research I discover that those affected by Tai Sui has more challenges. Like 2017, alot rabbit animal sign many things happen or changes at work of family.

For some although affected by Tai Sui, it can bring a new dimension in life. So we shouldnt be so concern by alot who say Tai Sui kana need to do alot alot alot Dos and Donts.
The Tai Sui prefers serenity, peace and calm but creates a horrid negative energy if aggravated or confronted. 

It can be as simple as going waterloo Guan yin Temple bring some oranges and sweet and pray to the Tai Sui once or twice a month on 1st and 15th.
2018 Dragon, Dog Sheep, Ox. Well although is 2017 only but this end of 2017 3 months u do more good things , so 2017 Tai Sui Handover nicely to 2018 Tai Sui.
Carrying a 5 D coin (to be used and change and no re use de) is best way to reduce to side effect from Tai Sui star to minimum.
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Flower of Life can be used to handle the Tai Sui star with love and light , activated and with the 3 tiger eye stone can balance ur emotion effectively. Is not a miracle cure, u still need to go thru what u need to go thru but with peace and love.
Also Optional (this Tian Lu pet with many for years, do u know "sayang " the pet and put near you can appease the TaiSui energy.
Essential Oil for handling Tai Sui energy is none other than 5 element oil on the wood.

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Those affected by Tai Sui is good to go
1) Wedding Dinner

2) Birthday Party

or Temple event or that has alot of Joy and Celebrations.

3) Crystal to wear is the Black Tourmaline Bracelet with Tzi and drip 5 element oil on it and put tummy do breathing exercise once a week.
---------------------to be continued.  { What food to eat for Tai Sui Affected friends?}

U can order ur 5D coin and 6D huly now. ANd keep, start using only on 4th Feb 2018.

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