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omhealth Good Luck Items (DRAFT, no time check englisg, tomorrow first)

Wow it has been awhile since I wrote the blog..... Was really busy La.

So today I am going to share with u a topic that was previously shared in my good luck classes

My  dear attendees still remember the Joss Paper in the picture below.

I was the pioneer to conduct Bai Bai Class in Singapore back in 2008 to preserve the Chinese Paper Art Culture.

Below are the common prayers to Gwan Yin Joss Series. Each Joss paper has a meaning beneath that represent Chinese Wisdom of Filial and Way of Doing Good deeds. But no one really study the words except uncle me and share with u.
Image result for 观音救苦真经烧

In my upcoming 2018 Bai bai Class  I will focus on the Joss paper and its  deep meanings as well as the non superstition way of life culture.

But today I wanna share one of the Joss paper below which is u find above "观音救苦真经"。

Real Story

Back in the 1980s, a family can hardly survive for house rental. The Mother of this boy working day and night as a seamstress (who we call Sewing lady) to make end meet.Some days she work too hard she could hardly move her arms. Being the only child of the family, the kid knew exactly whats happening.

One day, the mother brought  his son to pray in the WaterLoo Kuan Yin temple to pray.  When human luck is at its  worst any nightmare could happen!. The envelop of cash which she put in her handbag was pick pocketed, it was her hard earned money saved to pay their many months owed house rental.

The boy saw the tears in his mother's eyes. he felt  discouraged . He couldnt understand such things happen to his devoted family (this happen to many now, after prayers if things dont go ur way u think other wise).

Years after years things happen as part of human life and the boy never give up the faith on Guan Yin Pu Sa and he knows  things happen for a reason. And today he able to share with students on prayers methods.

Luck is a way of life, what u need to go thru u need to go thru . No one but only your act and your merits, thoughts and actions can determine your future life.
What u have to expereince and debt u have to pay, u have to go through

You shouldnt blame anyone  but learn to accept with Forgiveness and move on with Compassion and Wisdom.

(Now .... Back to the story)
The little boy and his  mom was totally lost. A month later the Mom and littlel boy went to the temple again. They drew a "bamboo lot" and request a fortune teller outside the temple to "read".. The fortune teller say must buy  and burn 100 pieces of the Joss paper as shown below at $200 (in 1980s).

Of course they couldnt afford. Nevertheless at the age of 10, the little boy didnt give up. He asked around after school and learnt from those "prayers aunties" that the Joss paper could actually be obtained at $2 instead of $200  (that was how he know he knows many prayers aunties and began to learn many different prayers method.

Till today he still use this particular Joss Paper. It walked him through the journey of " a boy to a Man" and he shared with many the Art of Life.

Life is suffering, but not depressing. Accept that Sickness, Departure , Death and Impermanence are things we will surely face especially the greatest suffering in life, the leaving of our love one.

 (I know some of u ur parents migh have move on, and there is that special p-lace in your heart that u will still cry for them everyday). Instead chant mantra and dedicate to them).

I was told , the love one who has departed, ----they dont perish--- they only go went to practise in another , and one day ,we shall meet them. So practice Compassion and Wisdom and accumulate more merits so u all meet one day there with a box of merits and share to use for good after life.
Related image
When we pray, the Heaven will listen and really concerned about what we have been through.
But I believe Up There they are  more concern about how we react and respond to what we go through and how we handle. They freewill keep letting us go thru certain issues until we learn lesson. Sometimes they manifest as Angels (like teacher or books and let u wake up)

That is why as a human beings we are allow to make decision, trial,open to temptations, experiencing pressures of life to come so that we have the opportunity to respond either by trusting our feelings and life experiences or by studying advices (dharma) from Buddha's teaching or your religion teaching.

Like Buddha says middle path, but are u extreme in many ways even though u are out of middle path. U have a choice ok:>


Omhealth Developement of Lucky Items are imparted by alot of Master and self experience in life,

1) Gui Ren Bag: To active 10 directional energy to bring in mentor luck
(Do the Poems to find Job)

2) Flower Coin: To lock wealth and bring auspiciousness
(Can put beside flowers to activate house energy)

3) BBC Coin: To handle fortune teller telling ur Bazi not balance and also a protection coin
(Rub the coin with thumb and say balance of 5 element)

4) Bai Wu Jin Ji Coin: To let u be calm and at all time have the Grace of 8 immortals Wisdom and also not affected by people, situations and environment.
(Once and for all, wherever u go will not be Ban Dan)

Many of u put the coin throw in the bag. I suggest u to take out and say wishes.



福在眼前 Coin whenever u go there is a positive thinking around. Is specially design so ur mind will be clarity and also have energy .

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