Tuesday, November 21, 2017

14th Jan 2018 Event

Welcome Dog Year 2018 Talk

By   Bryan Lao Shi
Fees: $45
Date 14th Jan 2018
Email to class@omhealth.com with name and mobile and will be asked to make payment once confirmed.

600 Lamp will be light for all attendees with name submit to Wu Tai Shan. Is not easy to arranged and I made it because u all are very lucky students.

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We have 500 seats filled up and left 150 seats. So must register fast;

Each person for talk will receive

1) Special One piece calender by Bryan Activated
2) One Paper with the most powerful picture to color for good luck in 2018 (art therapy)

This year we wont have  other door gifts for 14th Jan . But instead omhealth decided to

1) Donate the door gift money on that day for medical kits for cambodia and dedicate to all beings by u all.
2) Light special arranged for Bryan on 14th Jan 100 Lamp at Famous五台山 for all attendees to have better 2018 and develop kind heart and peace.
3) A school requested pencils and will also donate 1200 pencils to the school and this pencil printed with omhealth and yellows color, symbolise sun Energy and when the students write with pencil, all of attendees wisdom also brighten.
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NB: Best things to get that day are a special $18 item, 5 element oil, cypress oil and Auragold 20 normally people get on spot that day as vibration different itself tat day personal buy and carry . Limited  (cannot order de, buy that day)

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We are sending a email to the previous year students who comes yearly. If by Friday no reply, we will open to the waiting list le. I very very nice de ok.

This year is a specual 2018 year. The money for door gift for 2018 welcome talk, we will use for light 
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  1. What is installed for 2018 and What to enhnace ur career in 2018
  2. How to work with 5D coin and 6D hulu with flying star  for health, career and family harmony(10mins)
  3. Animal Sign major things to watch out
  4. Overall Luck of our geographical Position and how we handle
  5. The Sound of Om and Sound Therapy to enhance our luck and walk out of "Low"
  6. Seasonal Important Dates in Chinese Tradition and what to cook of hang to improve family wellness and prospertity
  7. 拜拜的好运方法
  8. Poems for each animal in 2018 (where 600 pax gather to say Good luck Poems to implant energy)
  9. Poems to recite in temple:>

World famous Lion Dance to enhance ur energy. U can bring ur bag of Crystals bracelets and when the lion dance Drum Gong let it absorb the sound.

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