Monday, August 7, 2017

Auspicious 2 Items石来运转

Heaven Holy Stone

This stone was a very auspicious stone. I start to explore the energy of this wonderful stone is for benefits of calming the mind. And unknowingly this stone brings alot of good energy and I must say luck when I demo to use it for facial massage. And result was amazing.

Energy of this stone is so good and takes me 2 years to research on.

Further research on this stone are Protect wealth, Good for skin and health, Calm the mind and improve the energy of body when wear as pendant.

Once there was an actress her body health was not very good and also skin was dull. So some suggested her to use this stone and combine with breathing exercise and diet. Her luck got better and more job comes in.

For me I find that this stone brings alot of wodnerful radiance to skin. And i think is becausse of its properties and far infrared.

The pendant smaller cost more also because to cut to this pendant and its shine many parts are wasted.
The powerful beauty kwa sha plate is a must have for antiaging and indirectly luck also really good.

1) For beauty The (facial kwa sha plate ) ($68)
2) Balance the 精气神 of body Pheonix pendant ($68)

Some research  (But i yet to verify so many, i only find many students wear le more calm and seems job and issues resolve faster and also the facial kwa sha use le skin good when combine with Galmor and glandeur)

3) 有十種有利於人體的微量礦物元素(鐵、鈣、鎂、鋁、矽、鉀、鈦、錳、鋇、鍶)。
5) 可化煞氣,若房門與房門對沖或房門與廁所對冲者,

The Kwa Sha plate will be ready 21st August 2017. U will like it.

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Phoenix Stone Pendant  Calm the mind and heart and move the Ki of Body . Has great effect on surrounding aura

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