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Beautiful CLass 2017 (Upcoming Classes)

Halo all:>

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Every year I will conduct an affirmation class and Heng heng Class to renew the energy of happiness and peace within. And yesterday is our 10th Heng Heng Class. Time flies when i see some students has grown so much in Wisdom and Compassion.

I can really tell the difference, the aura and the politeness kindness that emit from all of you.

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Things I observe:

1) Even though some has gone thru alot in life , but with ur determination and positive thinking u survive with courage and strength

2) Some of u when u attended my class , ur kids only 2 years old and now some of ur kid has turn teenager . I see the worries in your eye, but remember, u have done what u need to. Dont worry。Everything is in Divine order for highest good of all.

3) Some of u, health issues may be a concern. But remember, every year we are getting older so start now your Health Maintenance exercise like grounding and chanting mantra will definitely help.

Life need to go thru 4 stages but again, our mind must always in a healthy mode and we can do it by affirmations, breathing exercise and using oil

4) Many of you are in ur 40s, 50s 60s now . So is time to let go, release, heal (remember the symbols i teach ok

5) Remember that 烦恼就是磨练,忍耐与放下与坚持与努力才能成功,慈悲才能成功的美丽。


Yesterday Class I was using the Glamour Dew Mist. The bottle i mist the class was amazing . Not only it freshen the skin and beautify skin but because of the mixture of Frankincense and dragonblood extract and many herbs in the mist, it bring up the energy.

To my surprise after every heng heng class many strike lottery . For newbies , omhealth we dont promote gambling but hor, like ur birthday or auspicious day buy $1-$3 is ok de and many of my student strike le will do mini charity ahhaha:>

So newbies, dont mistaken ok.  This heng heng class talks about compassion, practice and self healing.


High Mountain incense was amazingly powerful in the class. Many has smel it for first time and find out the high energy and vibration tat 1/4 teaspoon can affect the whole room.


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Upcoming Classes and health and beauty:

1) 3rd Sep 2017 Small Class teaching with Bryan Lao Shi At Sunshine Plaza (bugis)

$55 (with exciting class gifts)

930am to 12pm (930 seated)

(those who attended the tea house one, do not come for this class, u wait for small class teaching 2)

2) 1st October 2017 Bryan lao shi 20th year anniversary and birthday Health Beauty Healing Talk (non religious healing segment included)

930am to 12pm

CSC auditorium $38

3) Book Read and Hand reflex (4 ailments remedies ) with Bryan Lao Shi 22nd October

(details will be out soon)



Look at the energy of this MIST (not only famous internationally for skin, but for luck also included to spray on face).

This picture u can see a healing shape appear when i spray the mist. Is a very healing energy. Thank you all.

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The Oil i mentioned in class for intake is

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