Saturday, May 13, 2017

May Period of Challenges

Often I stress Year or ROOSTER

1) Gossips politics will be max but it will be cleared off very quickly
2) Chronic Illnesses can be reduced this year as is a year to find cure for sickness.

Wearing Ur black tourmaline with TZI bracelet (limited le, as more demand and less now)... will encourage us during difficult period and allow things to flow in right way fast.

Use ur black tourmaline every morning hold with both palm and do affirmations.
U can add a drop of purification or 5 element oil rub it.

Also put bracelet above incense burner lite the High Mountain incense can help alot.

MAY TIME: Fire energy MAX till 28th May 2017: Easily cough and sore throat. Drink mint tea
. And have a bottle of 3 leg brand pipagao a table spoon


There are 4 dates to take note to chant more CUndi mantra

16th, 24th and 28th May: This day, if can go temple pray and do donation ;
This few days use oil like Awakening oil and Love miracle blend.
Wash toilet this 3 days (choose one la) using wash toilet method (oil no short cut)

Dont forget to spray protection spray around ur house daily. As a bottle lifespan is 1 year and yes is all natural.

Everymorning a teaspoon of omhealth GOLD tea and 2 slice ginger. Can bring heaven and earth balance luck to ur body mind and emotion.


To have good Luck in MAY (non religious).
A) Clearing Obstacles and aches
U can put a bowl of water beside the bed and put some lavendula and peppermint oil on it. ( so start off with boiling water, so the steam will make ur room smell nice) than let it cool down and change this water. U can do daily for this month. DOnt injured urself and clumsy the water hor.

B) 3 drops of Vitality oil and 6 drops or rice or coconut oil massage stomach 3 times . Bring wealth and improve digestion and release stomach issues

C) Ginger lily flower oil 2 drops in cotton inhale 4 times a day to clear negative energy for this month. Add 2 drops to a cup of water final rinse body will clear any unhappiness brought home from work.

D) Drink Juice of Beetroot and Pineapple with Red Apple (ice abit). Drink twice a week for changing in auric fields and u can feel good luck arrival fast
Image result for cabbage
E) Cabbage fried with Ginger slice and Tang Hoon can bring career luck and family harmony luck

Malay Salad super good luck for this MONTH

Gado Gado... If u can find one:>

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