Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Age and Emotion and You

Omhealth Logo is there for 20 years

When u look at the logo it symbolise like mother taking care of child.  And When I sell u the products is like omhealth take care of u like a child. We want the best for our kid and omhealth want the best for you. Take it this way ok:>
Omhealth logo is designed by a famous artist and relligious free. It symbolise, quality, happiness and trust.

Energy for this few months
Planets changes alignment , many issues may happen (due to cleansing and detox, u can see here fire there fire de): People may be more angry,  And fire up.
The key to handle this 2 months is to be calm and think positive, good luck will come one.
This is a challenging months so dont curse or swear , just say " Ommm or " Everything is in Light"

1) Dont say negative things out or people no good to u, dont say negative things because the energy will back-fire and saying mantra will balance u. Alot of things   good and Love will sprout and bloom soon. Is a clean up month ok: Clean up negativity
2) Chant alot Cundi Mantra or mantra of ur decision
3) Drink fresh coconut water.
4) Do charity work.
5) Remember to say positive affirmation every morning;

No matter what age u re, we will all grow older. But do u know we have control of how we want to age.

Some thinking must be change like
1) Oh , old sure will get sick
2) Oh, old sure will have disease
Also many when start to age feel the lack of time, anger and hatred.

Self hatred, bitterness, shame and guilt , fear and being judgmental and carrying alot  burden are some thinking of a person when getting old (for some).

All I know that we can change our beliefs about aging and make the aging process a positive, vibrant, healthy experience. We can format our believe systems.
We want to create and see our later years become our treasure years. We need to take the old out of our vocabulary. We need to know our future is always bright no matter what happen now.

When I see some elderly being frail, sick and frightened, I tell myself, it doesnt have to be that way. Many of us have learned that by changing our thinking, we can change our lives.


For the elderly and my friends. When we spend some time to work with essential oil and crystals, we can come up with creative solutions for our later years, we have real power that can change our nation and our world a better place. Age gracefully with strength. And from now anyway say

"Old liao... leg sure pain etc"
U quickly say: " I take back my power"

Its time for elder and u and me to take back our power from medical and pharmaceutical. They are being buffeted about by high tech medicine, which is very expensive . It is time for all of us to learn to take control of our emotion and health. We need to learn a way

Omhealth Aroma Oil

1) Granduer Facial Oil (makes ur face young)
2) Serums is a  must , i serum on face until ehehhhe
3) Flower water please use
Oil: Healing and sacred frankincense is the mother of all antiaging oil. A simple inhalation and rub chest makes u feel young.

And with omhealth I say

omhealth Basic Must Have daily
1) Breathing exercise with aromatherapy
2) Wear a crystal
3) Eat greens daily and drink enough water


Heng Healing PendaANT: I first launched this pendant last year to help calming and better sleep. And i must say is good.

U can rub a drop lavendula oil and a drop rice oil on it. And wear to sleep if u have sleep issues. U can feel it absorb worries and reduce anger.

Helps to have acceptance of ones self and improve self confidence. 
It help to bring to your attention any problems that is interfering with your well being.
It  improves concentration
It encourage us to overcomes negativity and bitterness of the heart. it heals inner anger fostering love and the courage to start again. it is useful for any kind of emotional trauma. It creates a sense of safety and security by dissolving internal tension.

$168 to $188 u can order from

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