Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A day to change personal luck 

I have taught this method for many years! Today u can hold ur tian lu and ur omhealth any coins and make wish!
If u can today wear ur crystal and walk under sun for 1 minute! Noon sun! Sure sure sure good! And Bracelet  put any essential oil let it absorb!

Quote of the DAY
If u don't start planting flowers in ur garden ,u will be spending time removing weeds!

Today 2pm will have very good Kai Yun Jade. All previous Jade adopted because many know it cost 1/4 of market price. For student to adopt. I have limited pieces later:>

Today is a good day to change one's luck. Using the NOON water.
If u busy. U can at noon, take Mineral water a bottle, go outside office like walk 10 second let the SUN shine on it abit. Than in ur heart chant " Om Mani Padme Hung" 9 times blow to the water and say " May my heart and body be at peace and blessing from Kwan Yin Pu Sa to be a better person and good energy and helpful to people" And drink the water ok:>

Collect some tap water between 11 am to 1 pm! If u working can bring a bottle collect and go home use or as ur mom collect pail of water! water collected this day is very powerful !
Use this water to add 3 drops five element oil 2 drops lavendula Vera and 2 drops rose geranium final rinse body!
Can bring ur luck up!
Or between 11 to 1 pm burn some high omhealth coil incense can brighten house energy!
一股浓浓的正气冲天; when everyone set an intention at 12 pm in ur heart chant mantra and dedicatebto all beings and look at sky say thank u will do!
Also today if can chant cundi mantra more and dedicate to all beings ! Don't think about self issues again just chant and do dedication today!

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