Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The lucky tree

I still remember early this welcome year talk ; I mentioned the lucky Fengshui trees planted in our homeland ! Guess what I am now at taiwan and my homestay is planted with this trees!  My life is always filled with synchronicity and affirmations ; that makes me believes in faith determinations and prayers ; to me if u pray ( any religion ) with faith all things will turn out to be lucky and good!

Some of u may be currently unhappy with situations , people or seems difficult to find a job but again u must not give up the five to ten mins prayers a day!

If u think carefully, in one full day , how much negative thoughts and worries we have and if we can't even give a five mins to our mind that is very sad and good energy can't maniefest because is blocked by ur negative thoughts!

Life is all about challenges and a lot of times happiness come fast go away fast and end up the negativity seems to take over frequent if u don't do ur homework like practicing happiness! Some ask why so fake need to practice happiness! Well because if u practice happiness , slowly it becomes way of life and when u run into issues this inert energy can quickly lift u out of negative situations!

Why I use essential oil ? Because omhealth essential oil is a life force of energy ! Not only is clinical grade. But is full of love care and energy! I don't know how Long omhealth oil business will continue because is a niche market which I continue to maintain this way!

All the oil by FedEx and the freigh charge just increasing! But when I see ur health and mind become better I will continue this business! As they say if bryan around oil will be around but when I am very old and pass on this business will not sell to anyone or have someone to take over! As u know my this way of business is onceand for all go all the way!

That is why when people invited my oil to be in shopping mall or China to market my products I turn them all down; a lot of media and friends laugh why I am so stupid but only my mom and dad know what I want; 

Omhealth oil will still be unique and will never be in mainstream market and as long as you love the oil I will continue to provide you the best oil; since 1998

Today I have shown you the ten spice oil because it break alway the negative thoughts pattern ! At any time your faith and thoughts seems to be shaken use this oil!

Also the red victory bracelet so far so good and feedbacks are wonderful as it seems to secure things and prevent backstab from office and people!

Victory Braceelt is so amazing in affirming our thoughts and also prevent small people from attacking our aura is really a must have bracelet for all especially u re in business or manager or need to take a lot responsibilities at work or life ! It seems to shield you!$150

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