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The Happy 20th Year anniverssary

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U all remember omhealth most famous first generation bracelet was in 1999 Blue turquoise and follow by Black Tourmaline bracelet.

Below i was wearing my bracelets, featuring u can see the victory and turquoise green (rare with amber)
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I often says Black tourmaline bracelet is a must have bracelet as it brings a person grounded to feel safe and more confident and protection plus successes.

Follow by Turquoise (the rare turquoise now is this green type) and the victory bracelet.

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20th Year Anniversary

Is been a long 20 years omhealth has worked its way thru from Essential oil, acupressure and crystal therapy. Come to think of it is really hardwork. From take a trolley to different parts of Singapore with Mama to give workshop and selling just 3 bottles of oil last time to your support now.

I tell u ah, last time, even I have all the good knowledge to share, people dont really eblieve , because this world very Sian Shi, either u need to have a power Mentor or you famous or from rich family.

For me, every workshop or event i go till today, i always tell heaven my Kao Shan is intention to help more people and also spread wellness to all people plus to have a good business for myself too.

I never thought of TV show or media as I am a very introvert person by nature. But really 误打误撞, HK and Taiwan Show and Local health shows allow me to demo.

Health Luck And Beauty

To tell you the truth, there is no short cut to above. U need to work hard for it and u also must practice let go and forgive too.

I know this few years many people has gone thru alot in life... but again if u really can step back to kick off with some simple exercise for urself 5 mins a day. Ur health will improve and it links to luck and beauty.

The Body, Luck and Detoxification
I try my best to educate people that the human body has a natural ability to detoxify itself. And once ur health improve ur luck will improve. Example if u have stomach issue, it will always be related to wealth.

In fact, the body has several systems in place for removing waste. 
The excretory system plays the largest role in detoxification. Our main organs that compose the excretory system are the skin, liver, lungs, large intestine, and kidneys which is in fengshui the five element. And if u can balance body five element u ok liao.
One way is i wear my 3 bracelet together sometimes. (One also can, and do breathing exercise)

I told many not to see fortune tellers but again is ur choice. If at anytime u see fortune teller and affected by their words. Come back to omhealth and kick off with basic.

A) Breathing Exercise Daily : 3 mins (Use awaken oil blend)
B) Drink Gold tea with 2 slice Ginger (3-4 times a Week)
C) Choose an accupressure i teach and do daily 3mins or walk the stones.

I suggest if u luck is blocked this 2 months, wearing bracelet left wrist and put a drop of oil to the bracelet twice a week (Purification or vitality) u will feel the auric fields improve. PLus scrub ur body with Magneto.

If ur house energy has been stagnant for a long time. Use the High Mountain incense powder and also spray the Protection spray ok.

This 3 bracelet really blend in nicely when u wear together or wear one will do. But if u have 3, wear at home 3 of them, U can feel the Tian Di Ren energy.

Black tourmaline $338 - $480, Victory $150, The rare turquoise $288

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