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Suffering Stress and Another Views: Bank Account

Article: I have drafted out and evening time will add on tonight (so ignore the grammer first) ,
12th April 2017. And may do a live facebook 8pm.
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After reading so many email from u, and dont have time to reply. I have decided to write an article for u. I tried not to be religious so it can benefits to everyone.
Today we shall work with our left and right brain to work on stress and suffering.

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Everytime when people ask u develop more on ur right bran, but again how to do it. As if i can say " RIGHT brain" activate... Is not like that. Nowadays people give u solution but never teach u how to do. And today I shall work with the exercise u can use to work on that.

When u right brain is activated, ur life will be less stress even if u have alot of burdens in life, ur luck will be better and health will be better.

30, 40, 50 , 60s, 70

I think when we pass 35 40 50, it seems everyday there are alot of things to 烦,苦恼。Every moment can be worries . Even u know how to pray and chant alot alot but u still 烦。

Is like we have alot of hidden 痛苦,no people will know. U see some aunties in temple can chant half a day but once they step out of temple or church, they gosh very stress and worries. WHy?

Then for people like u and me dont have alot  of time to pray... die la?

Now let me use a more pyshological way to look at mental and physical suffering using R-Logic. This is tricky and not easy to explain....

责任 (responsibility)

A) In this world there are a type of people who are very irresponsible type 无责任心 seems to able to be like very happy and lead day by day happily and dont care people dont like them. Can eat can sleep.
B) There is another type of people over responsible and take things to heart... which may affect health and sleep

So can we learn from A and be responsible ahahah..  Now u know exactly why u bodyache and mental stress alot.

This is called learn from the negative and use it in my life to be more positive. That is an art.

U see why people with no responsibilities like they happier than us. Like I put in so much effort to give seminar , make myself so worry 10001 things , worry u all no learn new things , not enough info transfer to u.
But i see some Speakers for 10 years keep using same topics to earn the event fees and they so free and so happy.

(like my oneKM mall i redo all new material, wake up 6am cook and go market etc but i happy ahhaha because i exercise the techniques).

Alot of unhappiness is cause by wrong use of responsible heart 责任心and when we dont know how to handle this ze ren xin (responsible heart) in a right way, we created expectations which create 烦恼。

Over responsible for family until u get agitated if they never follow ur way
Over responsible at work , but not appreciated and every details at work u do ur best
Over responsible for friends and relationships yet u feel upset if ur needs are not fulfilled

Now in medical side we look at people with intellectual disability,they seems to be always happy because they dont think alot.

Now as my English is not very good, (old students u should catch what i mean).

First i am not asking u not to be responsible in life, secondly i am not being compassionate over people with intellectual disability, please take note.

What I want to express here, if u look at your mental sufferings... is all about how u handle ur emotions.
Once my teacher tells me about this I really wake up instantly but lately i fell into the trap of mental sufferings because i "over responsible" on how to let my workshop to be very good for u and neglect my mental health and physical health. I should learn to be responsible yet not responsible to stress and tension. So luckily i use aroma exercise and handle it well.

U see , some of u may think, wa lao , u are not me, u wont know my stress.. But again, i am not u, but if u can work on it 5 mins a day an exercise, rather than live with ur sufferings and one day u will understand me.

(GOSh this article is so difficult to write, is like wanting to tell u how nice the kuek taste but u got to taste urself and i prefer to teach in class ahahah hope u can catch it).

Why a person have sickness is because of mental stress and inability to let go. Example if u tell a cancer patient they have 2 months to live on, normally they die faster because of mental stress and fear.

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Have shield by doing exercise 5 mins a day.

How Bryan Handle Suffering from Mental Stress?

We suffer from mental stress because of the uncertainity in life, work and relationship and we think more.太会设定目标,like when we were kids, parents expect us to have high marks if not kana. (not me) . End up the new generations more stress. But again i am not asking u to give up responsible and 目标。

So many of u will start think, than bryan lao shi, can we think of a way to handle mental suffering and can we use our brain think of a way to solve this stress issues.

Ahahaha , I want to tell u, the more ur think the more u have mental suffering, the more u analyse the more u mental stress. 我们所处在的环境里,我们可以看到苦的纯在,这个苦你到底接不接受。 只要我们会用大脑的人,越会用就越会受苦。

Is like借酒消愁,愁更愁。因为烦恼是从你大脑created,你在用脑去解决,会更烦。
不用大脑用什么?So let us learn a technique to reduce Mental Suffering.

Bryan Lao Shi Purification Anti Stress Breathing Aroma Exercise

1) Butterfly Dance with dragonfly oil or personalised healing blend
2) 4,7,8.2    x 10 times daily ( will do a LIVE Facebook tonight 8pm)

DO daily for 21 days,

Mental stress and life suffering is cause by impurities trap in ur body. And if u keep thinking what to do how to do, u more stress. So just do the above two exercise.


Image result for addition math sign

Bryan Lao Shi Mathematical way to handle Suffering.
Learn " - " 减Subtraction and not  " 加+ " addition

烦恼 苦suffering is divided to 4 category

1) Physical Health
subtract health issue by doing breathing exercise daily

2) life and death
Subtract fear of death, alot people is because if fear that worsen health 吓死,
by chanting daily, so when have life and death sickness, u pray will be effective.

Today u all got do homework ma pray daily.

3) 意见多多
the most stress in life is alot of feedbacks that are not related and no faith. Example u go to visit a doctor and yet u keep asking the doctor good anot and have no faith. U attend a course, u keep thinking and wasting time the course good anot rather than spend time studying.
So subtract away 意见多多。
in life if u everything also  意见多多 , u will easily quarrel with people. U can have feedbacks or niam but dont over niam. Subract that away. When a couple always quarrel is because too much 意见。

4)Subtract mental stress
when we suddenly have mental stress arise, u quickly use aroma oil like dragonfly oil, peppermint oil. lemon oil, rosemary oil, vitality oil and do 478
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Learn Subtraction and not Addition

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