Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Most Auspicious Incense Powder

Hi all this powder is $65 and introductory launch at $55 for all

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The scent comes from the wood and is calming warmth feeling which helps to open mind and relax our heart, it has a very healing scent and promote feelings of peace and tranquility promote healing of body systems. The smoke is believed to have medicinal and therapeutic healing power.
Burning this incense make u feel peace and protected and some kind of wisdom feeling energy that lift up ur spirit and promote good fortune for ur house too.
I find this scent very unique which is a combination of happy, relax and also feeling gratitude of life
And i believe can balance blood presssure.

U can order next week.

It come to my notice, many forget to transfer amount when items collected. So i would want to know it takes my mom alot of time to do tracking. If u delay in transfer please inform.

Actually 2 years ago I have a system of pay or transfer first than we courier le. So I hope if u receive first is my effort in trust and sending u and u do transfer 2 days within ok:>

canno forget. Imagine from reading ur order, to packing and arranging courier... de:>

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