Tuesday, March 7, 2017

New notes for 2017


there was a family alot of things they do also not smooth and they find it weird. The house fengshui even invite FSM to see.

So one time they chance upon my iweekly magazine article on improving house fengshui with Sandalwood powder and five element oil method.

And also ensure ur house dont put any bottle or vase upside down.

So if ur family luck getting weird?

A) Burn Pagoda wishfufilling coil incense twice a week for 1 month and in future once a week or as and when. Burn in living room with windows open
B) Friday: A teaspoon of sandalwood powder incense add 5 element oil and burn
C) Ensure u put ur 6D hulu behind main door and change yearly. (old one throw in recycle bin)
D) In living room have a bowl of $1 coin and some omhealth marble u collected before (1 also ok) and a 5D coin
E) Perform charity u ownself donate medicine to clinics.

For 2017 remember

5Yellow disasater star flies to South

So for some if

Sleep may be affected, 5 D coin or 6 D hulu important to put. Bedside drawers put some $1 coin

Cooking food will become 5 yellow food. So putting a brass hulu will do.
Our brass hulu is a set of 2

Qi flow to house may be 5 yellow so a 6d hulu or 5 dcoin is good enough.

Main door
6 D hulu

Image result for 萬年青
a pot of Money plant

Now  there are 3 animal should totally need to watch out the 5 yellow star compare to other animal sign because u are more sensitive with that

1) Rabbit
2) Monkey
3) Goat

U must extra have the Bai Wu Jin Ji coin (even all animal sign need one)

Also this 3 animal sign must really take note the SOuth of ur house , is it clean and dont charge ur phone at South.


Wu Lu Green CLoud Vase At Home will be super good luck

Omhealth caculated. A vase with some water and Guan Yin Bamboo Small, can bring alot of good energy.

A) Lock wealth
B) Auspicious energy surrounds the plant and vase
C) Happiness bestowed
D) Bring positive energy to house.
E) Remind family of anything that need to take note

Image may contain: plant

See who lucky?

Vase made to order

Waiting time 2 weeks:

vase $55 and delivery is $5 because more difficult for courier.

Vase will be in Wulu shape but design may differ depends. The dimension will be height around 13cm:>

U can order the Heng Vase now


Image may contain: indoor


Some of u may not like the scent of KM yan. But for me i am ok. I will fill the KM yan with a teaspoon of omhealth spa grade sandalwood powder and than 3 drops 5 element oil and than light it.
When light say something auspicious


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Promotion of the week

Below set at $190 and free a healing wood so u can put oil on it and put office table for good energy and protection and welcome joyful news. U can email to orders@omhealth.com

payment made before courier.

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