Friday, March 17, 2017


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The talk for rooster year beginning on Health and Beauty. Because is a year to overcome sickness. Well if u ache too long or sleep issues. time to gather that day. Left 40 seats

As i always mentioned

Lighting some good quality coil incense brings harmony and peace.

The coil incense omhealth has, sent to test and free from chemicals.


1) Wishfufilling Sandalwood Pagoda COil incense (most popular)  $55
2) Herbal Herbs Coil Incense $55
3) 3 types agarwood coil incense (bigger than above) $80

Below is a incense burner and 20 gram of agarwood powder at $68. And also comes with a stand for bigger agarwood.

The center hulu is movable one:> so u can put powder burn also.
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Set A: 

all 3 types coil incense
1) Agarwood
2) wishfufilling sandalwood pagoda
3) multi herbs coil
PLUS the set above of burner, agarwood and gold stand at $218

Set B:
Or just the set of burner, agarwood powder and stand  at $68!

Only six set available of $68 and the Agarwood powder is nice!
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Create a Healing Vase in Singapore ( this base symbolise health and clear sick energy and brings JOY to family or office)

Vase activated by Omhealth is $55 each.  In future i will teach u how to work with Vase, incense for affirmation

This creation formation is created by me:

lucky bamboo is considered lucky because of its peaceful vitality and strong growth. It brings wonderful energy to your house . After that tie a simple red string .
When a house lack of good energy. Use a hulu vase and also a Guan Yin Bamboo.

I went Blk 49 Sims market they sell alot at 80 cent each.

Than cut shorter and put it. The day when it grow roots, ur luck change better.

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Below left is one grow roots, right is freshly bought.
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