Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ren Ri 7 Vege

These Seven Vege we can eat on 7th day CNY which is human birthday. By eating this 7 types , all bad energy luck can be clearer:>

Errr later go shopping buy... Who wan buy for me? ahahahhaha

Tomorow remember to do 5 element oil body final rinse ok:>
Image result for 芥菜
Image result for 荸荠

1 – Celery 芹菜
2 – Water Chestnut 荸荠
3 – Spinach 菠菜
4 – Spring Onion 青蔥
5 – Garlic or Chinese Leek 大蒜
6 – Chinese Cabbage 蒿麗菜
7 – Mustard 芥菜

Tomorrow : 一桶金。 $108 Birthday buy wan ma only 5 and activated

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Rooster delivery if any faulty one we will send again:>

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