Friday, February 17, 2017

Positive Affirmation

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New Oil will be launched coming Sunday Class

1) Vitality Oil for positive affirmation and digestive issues
2) Juniper Berry Oil


Life is already very not easy le. My key to good luck and health is simplicity

For those who cant attend the workshop. There will be a next year ok: And 2nd April 2017 students do come happily and relax.

Little Note for  all who cant attend and do affirmation now and Sunday Morning yourself as there will have 100 people doing it:> Anchor the good energy

Notes for You

1) Forgive and let go of people or things that serve no purpose. Dont let the past eat into ur energy.

As we learn to be consisten  to chose positive thoughts, the old negative one will dissolve away.
Let the affirmation of positive thinking to wash over ur body.

This is like a fertilizer for plant, u daily absorb positive nutrients and everyday u grow positively. Living a life of love and prosperity and fill with JOY.

My Morning Affirmation to have Success (3 times daily):
Using Victoria Secret Aroma Oil

My willingness to forgive , begin my healing process.
I trust my inner wisdom. In this place lies all the answer for all questions. I listen to my inner voice that is inline with Universe

I am willing to forgive. Forgiveness of myself and others releases me of stress and obstacles. Forgiveness is the key to move forward and success. Forgiveness is the gift to myself. I forgive and set myself free.

There is richness and fullness in everything I do.

I am peace in my world. I trust the process of life.

I turn every experience into a opportunity. Each problem is safe and no outer chaos touches me. I am so peaceful. I am flexible and flowing... and a flexible mind that I am comfortable to live in.


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