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Having Faith

19th Feb 2017 Class is a very good class.... Well we have 5 more seats...

No matter what religion u are. Do remember to have faith in ur belief and also keep things very simple. Life so complicated if any people instil fear and worry for u, than is not the right path.

I will explain in my religion context. U can use it in ur own religion context.

As there are more and more different kind of religious group in the world. I just want to say:

Try not to  listen this and that and create stress and procedure for urself. Everytime go to a proper Buddhist or Taoist School clarify and get proper guidance. Remember if the group give u stress and fear and alot of things not in proper .... u go back to the right path by just focusing on kwan yin pusa. Many people take things for granted and always wnat shortcut end up create more issues.

Often I remind you, keep things simple. Just focus 南无大慈大悲观世音菩/ 准提佛母。 Above is a small paragraph but if u code and decode clearly, u will get my true meaning.

Well by saying that... there are some customers... who lost their track but come back again. Actually a person real Gong Li is when things happen, can u still hold ur faith .

(This article is under " bank Account" article in this blog , refer to the right label


Case Study A: Happen two years ago  to a student and now she requested me to share

Mdm "Kuek" she is in her 48, all along doing well and life have been ok for her but she wants to excel more.
And one day she went to overseas... manage to get some incense powder (which so call to have special obstacle removal properties) and requested her to burn daily.

But things get weird after 3 months . Although she has more businesses but at the same time more obstacles and some obstacles is so big that affected her health.

When she read about my blog on She decided to stop using and focus on chanting Kwan Yin name and keeps things simple.

And things start to go back to normal and better in 3 months. She feel simple and focus the energy of Guan Yin Pu Sa

This case study shared  is to tell u all, in market there are alot of unknown like "super power incense powders" ... some even say blessed by monks etc. But sometimes over promise and instead when u burn those special power incense powder... it created more unknown things that come to u even it promises u more business.

Remember everyone has a bank account, are u borrowing from loanshark to get what u want in this context.

So as I say , dont 贪。

Image result for 华佗点香
For omhealth, we keep things simple...our incense are just incense for health and free from chemical
Some TCM doctor in Singapore also use my incense or Spray in their Clinic u know.

Image result for 檀香宫殿
Our sandalwood are pure sandalwood coil incense as shown above ancient time only the roya family has the chance to burn incense in their house .
Our herbs incense are all ure herbs incense

How to use omhealth Coil Incense?

Burn a coil and in ur heart chant

南无大慈大悲观世音菩萨。x 3,9 or 21 times.

(remember Guan Yin Pu Sa is very compassionate to help all beings, and when ur life has been to much obstacles, and complicated , if u anyhow go listen weird "sect" U may end up enaging more unneccsarry problems. Simplest is to go Waterloo Si ma lu Guan Yin Temple )

(Quan Yin, as a true Enlightened One, or Bodhisattva, vowed to remain in the earthly realms and not enter the heavenly worlds until all other living things have completed their own enlightenment and thus become liberated from the pain-filled cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

To me, i regards Guan Yin Pu Sa, as a Father, as a Mother and a Teacher . Talk to Guan Yin when you are in your most stuck situation.U can talk until u tears and feel the touch of his/her hand on ur fore head... Telling u...

" U are ok my child"

When u talk to Guan Yin Pu Sa when u are in most down or most happy of ur life... u may tears... this tearing naturally is call 感应。

Many students when most down in their life... will go thru a stage of looking for many fortune tellers and here go there go and one day will wake up and just kneel down infront of Guan Yin and tears...

Related image
How u can talk to Guan Yin?

In one corner of ur house, light a coil incense if u have. If dont have just have a good shower. clean cloth. Than put both palm together and start talking to Guan Yin  and tears if u need to. See how u feel after that.

For me, I will do extra.... I apply some aroma oil onr wrist like "love Miracle Blend". But is optional ok.

Is beginning of the year.... remember human life is a mix of up and down. Is how u have accumuate ur merits and when u down, there is a cushion . Remember there will not always up and not always down but if we have cushion we will have stability.


Being in my area of work. I tell u, i have seen all kind of people.

I see some super rich and successful people . They are too successful and rich and forget about humble and accumulating merits. Many times when I see their aura, i know their wealth will use up fast. But I cant tell them. So I indirectly tell them " Oh is good to do charity medicine urself on some hospital etc..." So i do my part.

I see some super problems people.. Their life is so overwhelmed with problems and they will not even think of prayers or what. They daily just talk about negativity. I remember when I meet this people. I will just tell them.... Oh aunty, u free go Guan Yin temple pray pray very good for ur situations. And sometimes sing some Guan Yin song.

And of course in my blog.... I share with u all who are full of compassion heart and motivate u all the time.

We need to motivate and encourage each other. Because when we are down , we know there is one person who is always there for us... Our parents energy and Guan Yin Ma.

So for those having some obstacles in life right now... remember, just after reading this article. Go have a good makan. Shower and go one corner talk to Guan Yin Ma ok.


Art of Incense.

1) Omhealth Pagoda Sandalwood coil incense

Is pure sandalwood and solely for purifying and wishfulfilling

2) Herbs Coil Incense

A blend of herbs and for health and also improve the fengshui of the house.

Burning of coil incense helps to have a clear aura and also affect the energy of ur house.

It has the properties of astringent, restoring, relaxing, disinfecting, a urinary and pulmonary antiseptic, soothing, calming. Antidepressant, aphrodisiac and tonic.

Coil Incense can be found (scroll down end of cart)

Two Items Produced for Omhealth

This two is for reminding our pure heart and heart of compassion and knowning to regret our wrong doing can bring peace wealth and health.

Bracelet A: Purification and Abundance Bracelet . Beside the items has 2 Herkimer diamond and surrounded by citrine.Herkimer Diamonds are the most powerful of all Quartz crystals.
Very good for people going thru alot of things in life and also want some extra motivation and energy

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Citrine of abundance and fengshui plate  for Feeling peace at all times.

Image may contain: jewellery

For example, I want to share , infact 2nd April 2017 why I conduct the health talk, is to tell u health is wealth and have a energy implanted that day for all to have good luck. But many of u see health talk dont come, luck one come.

Well, i shall let u decide this 2nd April talk.

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