Sunday, February 12, 2017

Fire Metal Rooster


For new friends: Omhealth is famous for the 6d hulu and 5d coin. Also our black tourmaline bracelet is more than 13 years anniversary le:>


Dont forget luck is about mindset and even u dont buy my items, as long as u keep ur mindset right early morning , that is good enough ok:>

Wish all of u Good energy.
Remember support omhealth skincare and essential Oil


Metal is related to Lungs and when it comes to fire metal , means our lungs will be affected in a way. So the number of respiratory issue will be common for this few weeks. Remember to stay hydrated and use oil like

1) Eucalyptus radiata, peppermint, lemon, lavendula vera

This Rooster year is a Shi Fei Careful year... where people will be demanding etc. So take note and take care of ur anger. Many fall sick because last year sickness star is in center and when transition to new position it will drives all signs. But this will be ok.

As rooster will peck away all sickness.

Oh this month 14th Feb 2017 wash toilet or clean house with purification oil or 5 element oil good.

What is diff between 5 element oil and purification oil? Well 5 element oil is a must . Purification can be replacement and add on too for more power.

Eat What?

Things to eat for better Feb 2017 luck

Water melon for those born in year end with even number
Papaya for those born in year end with odd number

Oil for final rinse in Feb 2017:

Oil to use for final rinse body?
4 drops mug or pail of water final rinse:
Can bring Gui Ren people to ur life

Mobile phone
last number 0-2 : Victoria Secret
Last number 3: Ten Spice Oil
Last number 4 -6: Fresh morning oil
Last number 7: Bryan relax blend
Last number 8: PAF lime
Last number 9: Love miracle blend

Go Where Buy apple good luck for FEB 2017?

Birth Month 1-2 : NTUC
Birth Month 5-7: Cold Storage
Birth Month 3,4,8: HDB fruit store
Birth Month 9: Sheng Shong
Birth Month 10-11 : Market Place Raffles City
Birth Month 12: HDB fruit store

What Facial Water to use for 2017 Feb :

All animal Sign

Use lavender facial Water for people stuck with luck block: Put cotton and compress face 3 mins
Use rose hydrosol for people who needs more mentor luck and good communicate skills. Put face dab

I tell u. What is ancient using flower water for? For luck. But in the market who really sell pure flora water. I check le, till today in SGD Bryan Lao Shi sell the freshest flora water!

All bottles arrive u , is fresh and we no keep stock. So from the day u receive please finish use it within 1 year :>


CNY takes please in a way for 15 days. And today is the 16th. And normally 10 days after CNY is a cleansing day from over eating and also cleaning up your house with 5 element oil.

During CNY there are alot of Do and donts so clearing the house with this and protection spray is important to have a good year ahead.

Good Luck Nourish Lungs Tea
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1) 1 red apple
2) 2 tablespoon of 南北杏
3)桑叶 3 pieces
4)吉饼 1 piece

Item 2 and 3 if can put in those soup bag. Others add in with 1.5litres water and boil half hour small fire.

This help u speed up recovery from cough cold and flu and also good for luck as it cool down the fire rooster.


Launch of New Oil:

Juniper Berry Full Essential Oil

Increase circulation
Detox Body

Juniper berry essential oil is good for emotional support. It's said to have an encouraging and supportive affect on the emotional and spiritual aspects of a person

It helps a person to overcome fears and  resistance to the type of digging deep necessary for healing. It's even said to help a person overcome nightmares and help gain more restful sleep.
This oil blends well with blends well with bergamot, cypress, rosemary and rose geranium.

I love this oil too as it can be blended with MCT coconut oil for massage.

Detox blend

20 ml MCT coconut (2 tablespoon (metal spoon)) with 4 drops juniper bery, 1 rose geranium , 1 drop lemon and 2 drops lavendula vera. Mix well keep in bottle.

Use for cellulite or stomach massage.

Or few drops in water wipe house to cleanse house and overcome fear.

It has anti-rheumatic, astringent, carminative, depurative, antiseptic, vulnerary and other beneficial properties that contribute to its health-promoting effects. This relaxing oil can help relieve mental and emotional issues,and mental fatigue.
You can use juniper berry oil topically blended with omhealth aloe gel/ MCT coconut oil to help relieve a wide range of skin and hair problems, such as eczema, weeping eczema, acne, psoriasis,
It also helps with fluid retention and can help prevent new cellulite

A powerful Fa Jin and Jin Bracelet with Qi Lin $198 for all students:>
This Bracelet is blended with mantra and Fa Jin and Qi Lin. Is very good for people having struggle in luck. But also for maintaining positive mindset.
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Small Qi Lin
Very small yet is activated with energy $48 left 8 pieces
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Jin Gan Diamond Citrine  $198
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Power of 6 D Hulu

This year i think 6D hulu very lucky to have.
So far from CNY till today many feedbacks on 6D hulu ahahha... I guess because is near 10 years anniversary le ba

2 of many testimonial of 6 D hulu

New comers, my items is not for 4D, is just that CNY period some strike. Blessings comes in many forms ok. So take note. If u are a gambler my things wont work. But some occassion play abit for fun is ok:>

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