Sunday, January 22, 2017

Version 3 of Dragon turtle: Wish come true Dragon turtle

Under light u see very nice. U receive bring the bright area and enjoy the wealth energy send to ur family.

If your house energy have been very stagnant for many years.

Invite a dragon turtle ruyi that helps u to have ruyi to u now.

Ru Yi has the meanings of  all things will be ok and helps to bring good energy and wish and hope to u

It represents power, authority, wealth and high rank.

Dragon turtle has the head of dragon and the body of turtle. It brings u fearlessness, courage and protection

Study desk or office desk. It helps use to have support from power people and if place behind ur desk ur work desk to prevent all forms of backstabbing and betrayal, allowing for the opportunity of promotion. If not can place right corner of desk

Some like to put dragon turtle at SE of house no matter what flying star of the year.

Good in family wellness and all wellness.
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