Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Putting the Items and FAQs

Congrats to omhealth 5d COIN and 6D coin.... It has been in the magazine again eheheh.

I wonder they will approve for me to put in the pic.... Hhehehe and u see hengness brings heng result.

Also is year end and rooster not here, so some people their age will be affected by the Change of Star. This may result u to have more obstacles to clear and this is just temporary.

So those who are facing obstacles this few weeks well just LET IT GO.

Use cypress oil  and healing trees oil ok:>

Image result for cypress
this is the cypress u have :> Collect one ba:>



Q: Bryan is raining.... I miss the date to put the items .... how?

The actual rooster arrived on 4th Feb 2017... So u have so many days to do it and u can have whole of Feb to put items:. So dont worry.

Many love the 6D hulu and 5 D coin. Well me too. Is so simple and yet so positive.

Q : Bryan Lao Shi, I have been using your 6D coin hulu for 6 years and really great result... Can u explain more?

6 D hulu was one of the first few items from omhealth luck items (beside, flower coin, gui ren bag, and 5D coin)
U notice last two years 6D hulu we have it in Liuli 5 color tie together. And is alot of work. Ask me , leng leng, lai lai about it:>

And still we maintain at $48 and hope u appreciate.

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6D Hulu with omhealth Liu Li is considered the most harmonious of all items and most important influence of the 6 is its loving and caring nature.

It is all about healing energy, caring, healing, protecting and teaching us to watch our thoughts.

It is put on main door because it is the first thing that affect our energy.

And for house location 2 and 5 use 6D hulu

Power of 6 to keep a family together and safe. and the energy remain us to stay as a family.

6D hulu also represent happiness and contentment and power  to ward negativity with love and light also it encourage people who see it to feel harmony and as well as between himself and his environment

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