Monday, January 9, 2017

Plant base extract herbs spray and 5 element oil (18 years le)老字号

Omhealth has 2 powerful items

A) Healing Spray (Protection space clearing spray and Tranquility Spray)
healing spray and each spray is chemical free and can last for a year. After a year use to wash toilet. And herbs extract will have deposit like apple cider vingear ahve the natural deposit.

非常的用心的吉祥花与药草水. This 2 spray please buy le must use ok:>

So if ur spray has passed a year change a new one.

Some keep for 3 years... i mean u all dont spray one ah. I spray hor each year use 4 bottles ahahaha

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Protection spray and spcae clearing spray: Spray house daily if can one spray bring good energy.Normally I spray once morning and once evening

Tranquility Spray: Spray above the head and let th emist envelop u with love.

Both spray offers : 2 at $90

B) Activated 5 element oil

Since 1998 alot who do business or drive taxi or House agent will use this oil. How to say? Good energy. Yearly this period order is so power.

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