Friday, January 6, 2017

Omhealth charity Group see le feel great

Now u know why alot of times we see our problems as too big a problem. Stop and be contented.

2014-2016: local, Nepal medicine, Sri Lanka food, Cambodia ;
Omhealth charity group has been around for more than18 years! I started off by volunteering with students to elderly home; but because of time constraint , we start to gather helpers all over world and also local and infact we have quietly donate to many ; I choose to announce today because time to thank all helpers! Act of announcing is not to show off what we have done but to motivate all to be contented! What omhealth has done is just to gather !( we disallow using charity for business or fame or show off --- this de merit all merits, intention is important !)
A letter from the association"here the school about 120km from Siem Reap city , the poorest students we provide schools supplies from your donation. They all so excited and thanks for your kind heart supporting them."
The kids send me a video from Cambodia and I think this is the greater blessings ! Thanks to all my students we always work together to help out! All these merits to everyone !

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