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Moods emotion and luck

Year of Rooster is year to pen down your thoughts and the nuber 10th in numerology represent completion and new beginnings. Key work is u need to do something for yourself.
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Go reflex foot, buy a good new supplements, breathing exercise , change ur thought and work with BLACK TOURMALINE bracelet alot (old students start using, if u buy dont use, is like buying a hammer and dont use the hammer, u kept putting hammer in cupboard, how to nial it?)

Start using black tourmaline bracelet by doing affirmation in morning and blow at the bracelet or weekly put on stomach and relax.

Those who email me to order black tourmaline bracelet, I am doing it le:>



The granduer facial oil is powerful from cactus fruit:>

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Your Moods Your Emotion and Your Luck

When a person think that he or she has bad luck or low luck, that means they forgot about the nature of life and basically the whole situation of mind is filled with worry. When this happen. It is very dangerous, we will find smallest details what causes the so call bad luck and starts to put blames to things, items, people. That is very scary. Like is it this and that, Well when this happen, quickly chant CUndi mantra and it very quickly put u in right track. For friends of other religion, go to ur religious prayers.

Now u know why omhealth has the Cundi pendant launched in 2012, to remind all to have this in mind.

When a person mind is weak, weird fortune tellers will come in to bring u hope and fear. I wonder why not go direct to temple and pray...I mean Kwan Yin Pu Sa is there for us, and is u urself blocked until energy cant come in. U just need to adjust ur antenna.

Cundi Mantra Can be found in www.omhealth.com/kwanyinma.htm

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Case Study:

Once a master in Changmai who lives in mountain. And a very very respectable master that go around to help people once a year . The master will give people blessings . Many dont know the blessing from this master is very "powerful" as he keep very low profile.

So one day, he decided to do his service that give blessing and flower bath for people free.

A very rich couple happen to meet this master in the temple (the master moves around to different temple). The master give this couple a normal wooded bracelet . And of course the couple dont know who he is.

Of course the rich couple accepted. That week, the rich couple faces alot of customer compliants from business (selling some spare parts). So the couple start to look for "blames" And was thinking the blessings from the monk is really the cause.

Guess what they throw the wooded bracelet away and than daily keep thinking of the master blessing is lousy. And this goes on for 2 months. And they even go other temple and do puja that kind....

4 months later: (in short). It comes to  notice luckily the customer complaints on some of the spare parts if not they going to lost alot of money , because a batch almost going to be sent to overseas.

To me this relates to many of us, we take critism very personally. Like if i scold u in whatsapp, u dont buy things from me anymore.

Once a receive a sms says" I am very disappointed u dont reply my whatsapp"

But I am kinda.... errr... no matter how updated blog and website , got this kind of people. Whenever I see the word disappointed, it burns me when I was younger time... Do so much free work still disappointed...

But now. I handle very very very good way. I totally errr act blur because if everyday i going to reply 200 sms whatsapp, i will lost myself...  Guan Yin Ma few thousand year also cant finish helping us... i only bryan ... there is max i can do le. I rather use the time to angry with all these weird sms or email to the energy of charity.

For me i do receive weird email or threaten email.. last time... but ever since my police security do the tracking eeheheheh now ok.... Sometimes when u be nice to the world. people from all walks of life come to help u.


Above can be applied to all... Human problems always dont see obstacles as blessings. If u can see beyond, u will know what i mean.  Your life in this world normally concern about

1) Money
2) Happiness from comfort
3) Recognition and fame
4) Praise by people
5) Dont want to be criticize by people
6) What other think of u
7) Health etc.

We do want to be free from suffering , yet we constantly do things to create suffering. Think about it.

Once we have a clear understanding of how desire and stupidity wastes our life, it is evry good to constantly watch our motivation to see which of our thoughs or action done during the day are positive or negative or ignorance,

Perhaps that should be our last task everyday, before getting to bed, we should review all our actions we did from the time we got up in the morning and determine whether they have been virtuous or non virtuous.

If u can daily do this review during ur most low of ur life (no need everyday write diary la), u will be shocked alot of unhappiness are driven by attachment and confusion and tiredness.

Mental tiredness is the worst.

Thats where u hold BBC coin or black tourmaline bracelet to perform 3 mins breathing exercise.
The art of omhealth black tourmaline bracelet, reminds a person to stay wisdom and thru power of black tourmaline and Tzi activation helps smoothen ur life. I love black tourmaline bracelet alot alot.

I feel that life is beautiful but of course me as a Bryan Lao Shi has my low and high/// When I am low... i use alot of oil and do bath, magneto scrub and go foot reflex and nap. I work with my body to clean it and become a magnet of good luck. When my luck very good and feel happy, i do more charity work too.

Alot of people mind is occupied by worries and some worries are things that have not happen. Sometimes u become so sensitive

example when office people black face to u, u think is bad luck, (u should be compassion and think may be the person have a bad day)...

When work scolded by bosss, well is really ur fault and take this opportunity to improve

Little Poem

when you walk, walk with a smile and compassion
when u sit, sit with a smile and compassion
when u stand , stand with a smile and compassion
when u sleep, sleep with a smile and compassion
when u look, look with a smile and compassion
when u speak, spear with a smile and compassion
when u think, think with a smile and compasssion

( for those who are very confuse stage in life, copy the above 3 times daily with a 2 B pencil and the pencil put Purifiaction oil)

FAQs (will update daily):

A) When to throw the 6D coin 2016?

U can do it now and change to new one. And any day from 7am to 3pm (when no rain)

B) Can we reuse the 5D coin at rice urn?
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yes u can, just change the red packet and put some salt in in will do. Newbies, A 5 D coin in red packet with pinch of salt multiplies luck at house.

C) Sometimes after blessings in temple or get new items for house or luck item, suddenly luck no good?

Well, remember a glass of mud water, the process to suck the mud out will cause the water to be cloudy, but once u re patience , water will be filtered clean.

Remember, as long as you are human beings, u face good luck and bad luck. What makes a person different is he challenge himself and accept bad luck as a challenge and good luck as a rewards for the challenge. Please take note.

D) How do I use Bai Wu Jin ji Coin?

U can carry with u daily in wallet. And when people say negative about things and affect ur emo like in auspicious timing etc, u touch the coin and say the code:


E) Crystal and FS shop weird pattern
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I teach pendulum healing in 2007. And conducted many classes. But lately some Chxxx people use it as a tool to sell things and use the pendulum on u and say u good no good.

This is totally against the law use of pendulum. Pendulum is to test the vibration for positive and clear negative with affirmation. Is not a tool to sell things and u dont do pendulum healing in public .... so beware.

F) What is the CD u played in class
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G) When the money bag and Fa cai i reserve ready?

It will be ready after i find right day to activate and should be around 4th feb

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