Friday, January 13, 2017


Poems for getting of house;

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As more and more people do not stay in a house of perfect fengshui (landed property, has mountain, river...) our personal energy can be easily affected by environment pollution and also the technical equipment and people around us.

So I suggest to do a Chinese Affirmation base on ancient method so when u open ur house door and say this poems daily before u go out of house.

For me I will either hold one of the following

1) Gui ren bag  $38  (when need find job or waiting promotion)
2) Yellow Bag of auspicious  $12  (need extra protection and remove worries and bring happiness)
3) Liu He Gui ren. (i put as key chain) $26  (need mentor luck and suppport from people and situations)
4) Bai Wu Jin Ji Coin  (need to visit weird places and go new kind of project or luck very unstable)

Oil :

(interchange between this few oil) if u have floor matt, put few drops in main door.
Awakening OIl
Purification Oil
5 element oil

Oil can drip to the yellow bag:>

And say
Chinese Taoism or Buddhism Pattern
晨也光,夜也光, 天上带来吉祥光

x 3 times


Free Thinker friends or the ang mo pattern friend, u can use Awakening oil dap on wrist
Bryan's English Version
Step out of house poem, step out of house poem, I meet all Angels of Protections and Love
I call upon arc angel Michael for protection blessings and guidance
I am the being of White Light, I am the purity that God desire.
Love and Light , Love and Light.

x 3 times



Sometimes when after a long day work, I dont want to bring back the tired energy back home. I will touch my main door knob the 6D hulu and deep inhale and exhale all negativity.

Thats all. Simple and easy. So when u hang ur 6d hulu do put a blue tag on 3 m hook so it wont fell down.


19th Feb 2017

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SpecialEdition Fa Cai

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$68 (for this one ) All omhealth students $60

CNY to invite good new energy to house. A Palm Size Dragon tortise to put at living room face facing window or door:> Harness good energy, authority, protection, fame, health and wealth.

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Above is $280 ( 3 pieces)

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