Friday, January 20, 2017

North 2017 and ur indirect wealth

 2017 Power Space extra
As I mention in the flying star page, the number 6 star is located at North sector of your house. And this number 6 star is metal and north sector is water. So water and metal is in the productive cycle. It will be a very auspicious location.

If North sector of your house in 2017, is toilet , ur family may spend more money and wealth not easy to accumulate in 2017. But anyway , a simple lemongrass oil in a salt bowl (omhealth himalayan salt)  will solve the issue if is toilet.

Now if u can North sector of house, u can put omhealth lucky items..

Also people who stay in North sector of Singapore u will enjoy quite good energy.

A) Dragon Tortise or the elephant or 3 leg frog.
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Palm Size Dragon Tortise with ruyi very auspicious activated. $280
We have limited edition dragon tortise very good , u read blog.

Keep north sector of your house clean, u can put essential oil there  or any plants. But 5 D coin is simplest to activate this star. Plus u can spray either of omhealth spray mist.

North can bring alot of good wealth to ur family in 2017.


 Measure of  your 2017 Indirect Wealth and how to maintain wealth and what affirmation and essential oil to use

Choose ONE of the below and answer will be out tomorrow.

A : 7 of Swords

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B) 7 of cups
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C) Fool

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D) Four of cups

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E) Wheel of fortune

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