Tuesday, January 3, 2017

8th Jan 2017


for all who are attending the workshop on 8th Jan 2017.

Please be seated by 930am

Because inside auditorium need to set up so the door will be open around 915am.

I will jump up and down run about to ensure the slides working... Stress ahahha.....

Oh that day items will be by cash. Remember there is a special yellow wealth bag at $12 which be activated by lion dance. So u can get after lion dance.

Rose water and lavender water will be so fresh for apply for ren yuan and good skin. Do take a lookout.


That day have few stores. And new the water point i have invited the API uniflora for distributing free enzyme for u all. Heng heng ok.


DO come to the class with a happy mood:>  I will kick off the class by sharing the essence of Cundi Mantra Chanting. And a 5 mins prayers to bless all :>

Image result for cundi

FOr new students u can learn the Cundi Mantra from www.omhealth.com/kwaninma.htm . In fact the kwan yin temple at waterloo street is wellknown as CunDi Kwan Yin.

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