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2017 --- Power News

News: Temple Walk 2017 Full house . Those who have registered by Saturday, Cindy will reply email tomorrow evening u re in.... So for others is full House le:>  But u can go at  845am to pray. Because the briefing for registered one is full house and space limited.

5 element oil and dragonfly oil avaliable after temple walk for those interested look for leng leng:>

For those attending Temple Walk 2017

1) No mini skirt and improper dress. Guys wear Pants and no bermudas
2) It will be very crowded super Heng Crowded and all is OMhealth students... (we need this Crowded YANG energy to wang everyone). So high tendency is there will be waiting for put incense.
3) Be a very good prayer person and u will be super blessed. If u see the incense pot is very very full.... U can help to take out (carefully) and pass to the uncle or outside... But do ur research where they put the incense.
4) There will have many people, so remember the prayer set there is $3 exact and put in donation box and get the set. I will direct who to buy which set as we have many people. So dedicate group will be
Tu DI Gong Set and some buy the Guan Yin Set.
5) Bring small packet nice soft sweets if u can.
6) 8 am sharp I will do a briefing and this briefing is important with mini tips:> U can bring ur 5d Coin for those who affected by Taisui or Bai Wu Jin Ji coin to go over incense and ur bracelet
7) Set intention right when go pray that day. Any mini obstacle that people make u angry are normal when good things about happen, chant any mantra ok.
9) Prayers will end with 200 people Say HUAt... The louder u shout the more energy will release to the air and everyone benefits.
10) Is full house, our cakes for offering may not have enough is ok, have the sweets we pray and we exchange. please bring good quality and sweets that u love:> (if have coconut or peanut sweet best , means have alot money and health)

CNY What to DO?

Now remember to put fengshui items can be done anytime and day. Especially those have not set up the sector of your house put things... U can do it on 5th Feb 2017 start....

I tell u, sector 4 very powerful. I purposely test out buy some dried peach bloosom which difficult to open. And i test out put few location and finally the sector 4 peach blossom area i put it open flower alot. So sector 4 do refer to

North East of house  ( Yellow , red or purple Heng ball )
This will help in Career and work promotion. Or u can put a Deep Green Heng ball alone.

Yellow Heng ball is ready for adopt this 2017:>

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Tuesday is a 开工日  Start Work Day (Part ONE)

So this day remember to wear nice color to work (NO BLACK). Carry urself any omhealth coin.
(this is a good day to go shopping cart order any items, yes is marketing for me la, but i also set a good intention for all who buy things Tuesday super good.  (I suggest dragonfly oil power, a newly activated marble will be given u for hengness for the year for any purchase)

All must drink a soft drink the Orange with Soda. Fanda Orange that kind
Image result for orange soft drinks f and n

1) All who purchase anything from shopping cart 2017, will
receive a blessed marble, a small red paper/ or other items that activate with love .
And enter the lucky draw!
我 omhealth初四开市大吉。all omhealth items will have an extra $8 discount for purchase above $100 .
All will enter a lucky draw to win a pure gold Tian Lu bracelet.

Promotion code 8888 and discount $8 for spending $100 and above will start at 932 am:>

2) Those who want to have beautiful look, but any collagen drink tat day, u can buy orchid stem cell that one.. or any brand u like (not spokesman just that this drink good)

3)  Dont eat salad for lunch or porridge.... Have a proper meal for lunch.

4) Smile more. and at anytime someone not right make u angry or email funny say the QUOTE word for that day as the star sign for that day is

Heaven Star, Earth Star, Fu Lu Shou Star shine my left right top and bottom, let me walk on earth with alot of love and good energy

5) Today any $1 coin u receive from buying things, keep in drawer. Also cannot purposely go and change as it will not be effective. But u can go buy $1 things and give them change back is ok.

Taisui 2017

(Update 6pm 29th Jan 2017 today)

Career News:

Well many asked me how does 2017 affect one's job and economy issues.

2017 is a 喜庆年 they will have alot of breakthrough but alot of challenge is cause by human relation and interactions issues.

Example, a project almost success and because of that one person having disagreement with ur colleagues etc... will hold on the project.

So for 2017, all must learn to

1) Transform Xiao ren to Gui Ren

2016 alot retrenchment going on and many have difficulties finding job ... Last year I have a family of 3 no job but with chanting of Cundi mantra and think positive... they all got job now. I kept telling them to stay positive and when it comes is going to be a good one.

Some who have no job, they keep sending sms and whatsapp to people ... say " No job".... end up the energy send out to Universea they fall under the no Job List.

When Universe let u have time to look for job means something good is installing. And this is the time to upgrade ur skills and instead many choose to panic and niam....

2017 , for those affected by Tai Sui must watch ur "mouth" speak and talk when necessary.

And for all Sign:

1) Bai Wu Jin Ji Coin Super important
2) Liu He Gui ren. ( Some of liu he gui ren the knot abit wear out, just cut off the wear out part can le)

Now how to use them in 2017

1) Bai Wu Jin Ji Coin as i mention in the welcome2017 website (must read). It has an extra properties to ward off weird energy and Xiao ren. When combine in ur Gui ren bag is known as money career activator.

U can hold it (Gui ren bag with Bai wu jin ji coing inside, or the liu he gui ren, or u have all, put all in a small pouch) in ur office daily morning do a affirmation: "太阳高高照,还我慈悲好运身,一切吉祥"

2) Liu He Gui ren
This red Zhu sa is of very good quality and bring hengness. So for many who have the liu he gui ren. U can put inside a red packet also and fold it and put in ur bag. And anyday anytime at work. U can take the liuhe gui ren and circular above ur head 3 times say"  六合贵人接好运,天解地解,一切吉祥“


 Protection Spray and Tranquility Healing Spray set can reduce the fire of economy unstability.

Remember in 2017.... Watch ur mouth, talk more or anyhow talk suffers. And if ur office have those BIG Gossiper... they going suffer this year. The rooster will beak them....


Heng ball:

Yellow Heng Ball is ready for order in CNY period. Put anywhere and any time before 3pm is good. It activate money and career luck for u.

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