Monday, December 26, 2016

What to drink? 2017

Lately I find many people is very heaty and new year coming eating alot of heaty items
Drinking cooling water not only good but help in luck

As the fire rooster coming and is a fire monkey year, the heat fire will burn the wood that represent personal growth. Drinking 3 leg brand cooling water balance and let u excel in the new year

I do a simple calculation:
Past few years are fire year and end up many people get agitated and body very heaty and also anger. Drinking cooling water 2 times a week helps. Or serve in ur new year drink works,

My year end cleaning body luck method. Vaccum the bad luck in body and bring hengness using my coin calculations:
Before drink :

Say ur name and say drink le heng heng:

: I Tan Kim Kim today drink the cooling water, clear all heat energy and balance my 5 element in body and from today Heng heng.

I going NTUC later buy if not let u all buy until finish. (I suggest buy 6 bottle for urself and CNY can drink

2016 End to 2017 Feb Drink list

Is very cheap, each animal buy 5 bottles and drink once a day and infuture feel weird drink can le:>

U will feel immediate clear minded. And once drink inhale Healing trees oil (if u have).

1) Rat Ox Tiger: 3 leg brand lychee taste (bring wellness and break away lost money energy)`
2) Rabbit Dragon Snake: 3 leg brand lychee taste (bring calmness and boost luck, clear Siao ren)

3) Horse Goat Monket: 3 leg brand guava taste ( Bring ren yuan, clear rooster year unlucky feeling)
Rooster : 3 leg brand guava taste (get back ur power for 2017 and be positive)
4) Dog: 3 leg brand Guava (feel goodness on the way)
6) Pig: 3 leg brand Lychee taste ( happy joyful and auspicious luck)

(Fair price or Sheng Siong)
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Sheng Siong and NTUC shopping before 1st Jan 2017

Bryan Lao Shi personal Advice

Three Legs Cooling Water/Body Coolant is made of purified water and Gypsum Fibrosum (Shi Gao, a Chinese natural ingredient) that is very effective in reducing body heatiness. Three Legs Cooling Water/Body Coolant is manufactured under the internationally recognised GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise) standards.

It helps 
Relieves heat stroke 
Relieves constipation caused by body heat
Good bye to pimples and acne caused by body heat
Forget mouth ulcers caused due to body heat
No more headaches due to body heat
Relieves burning sensation caused due to body heat
Ideal for body heat caused by pungent/spicy food

Can order form sms , but only carton by favour sms or whatsapp them what u want with address !+65 8366 4927 

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