Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ultimate Body Cleansing --- to be continued

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When an aura is flowing well, life and emotion will be smoother but and aura is narrow and "stick" with negativity and shrink.... U feel trapped, lost, unhappy and affect ur life.

So simple scrub and rinsing and Technique 3 (will do a video) helps to cleanse an aura.

Try the famous magneto scrub (really design for this and useful)

There are many types of negative energy
A) Surround and always direct u to wrong decision
B) Cloud ur thinking and kept draining ur energy
C) Eating up ur internal energy that disallow u to go out and have fun
D) Block ur views and make u tired
E) Always sick and normally kana from outside and stick to ur aura when ur energy is low
F) Jealousy from friends an colleagues where the negative sort of stab to ur aura field.

Wearing black tourmaline bracelet left hand can reduce the effect and ward off many negativity.

But once a week detox is so important to welcome good energy to body.

Techniques A:
Using Magneto Scrub and Kaffir Lime

Learning techniques to improve personal aura or luck is important. So that any negative energy that comes to ur body get regretted ahahahah (because so many patterns until they tired)

I have a friend who used to have flu so easily and after using aroma herbs and oil the flu becomes twice a year thing. And everytime the flu came (in his heart he will says" Gosh flu virus u really regret attacking me because I have so many things and pattern that get u more tired"/

U see a human body is like a sponge we get good and we get negativ things but detox once awhile can strengthen ourselves and prevent negativity from entering.

Magneto Body Scrub  --- Blended with crystal energy and flower herbs to cleanse an aura. After scrub ur body and while rinsing ur body. Visualise the water is sparkling white light and say

"This water and scrub is cleansing me and healing me. It transform my entire body in to light inside out and all my fears and negativity are washed away."
See your whole body glowing with light, including the area surrounding you. Every cell of your body now glows with vibrant energy.
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After that 2 drops Kaffir Lime and 2 drops five element oil in a mug water rinse body and rinse again with water.

The above scrub and rinse helps to clear once negativity.

Above scrub can be done few times a week until u feel ur aura good.

And normally after this ritual , take some warm drink with abit of honey helps to rejuvenate the cells.

Technique B: Black tourmaline bracelet Method:

Technique C: Himalayans Sea Salt method

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