Monday, December 19, 2016

Rare Ingot tian lu Jade: Is not small :>

Dong zhi 启动好运守财。I am quite to be able to activate this DOngzhi Liuli because calculation is good ahaha. It doesnt mean u strike lottery that kind but those who follow me for 10 years, will know once a new item launched like

百无禁忌coin and this琉璃 launched... SOmeone will strike lottery to symbolise omhealth right track. They are not gambler but only special ocassion buy 4d.

I mean is ok, if u do it for fun once a blue moon . But i dont encourage la, becauase i dont buy.

Abundance and wealth comes in many forms.For me abundance is ur support and family good health:>

Dong Zhi is  a day of reflection and celebrate the new beginnings. And I understand many has gone thru a rough patch this two months. Well have a few Tang Yuan and say auspicious words when eat.

If u are a Kwan yin Ma Students. Chant 3 times om mani padme hung and say thank u and blow on the tang yuan u eat. Feel the healing.

Anyway u can order this liu li now:> 

u can email to with name , mobile and address. And u can refer to shopping cart to check what u want to add on:>

Many have overlook payment and do transfer first before we send u the items:>

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