Monday, December 19, 2016

Ancestor give thanks

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Many newbies do not know that omhealth is one man show. So from all website to animal sign updates to articles for u is done by me alone.  So if I have not updated things like flying star etc, be patience.... 2017 have not arrived.

So please go through here and will be updated before CNY.


Thank God before Dongzhi

Well i have written this a month ago and remind many almost daily. But yet there are some who still forget. Well is ok. Giving thanks to God is the heart and is not that God want ur Orange or Apples... Is an act to remind us to be gratitude. So even u forget is ok, God wont punish u... where got time.

So if u miss out the Dong zhi give thanks date, u can still do it.

But again if u are my student and text me, be prepare a good "niam". U see when a person have issues, pray to god daily and ask this and that. But when time to give thanks, u have 20 over days to go but yet u busy.
This is normal la:> But again for those who miss the date, just go any day is ok one. Dont believe those aunties who says bad things may happen. But i must say, u should repent and ask urself why u so lazy. But if is due to work and u overseas... u can give thanks informally by looking at the sky early in the morning say thank u. Than do a online donation to medicine for hospital

Ancestor Page
Many cultures, especially the Asian, are grounded in reverence for their ancestors. 
Asian are very aware that our ancestor sacrifice, choices, and experiences of thousands of years ago
that make us what we are today
 We are the highest expression of our gene pool because we have survived. All of the dominant genes of our past are expressed in our presence, thanks to the ancestors who came before us.

Acknowledging our ancestor helps us to reconnect to our roots. U have the genes of ur ancestor. So when giving thanks feel the thankful, say from ur heart with thankfulness.

Thhis is very blessings u know? ANd remember give thanks to ancestor. Offer some food or fruits of very good quality, need not be alot but a few will do:>

PErsonal Note: Like orange have 3 for $1 and one for $1. Get the $1 one , dont be stingy. Once a year only.

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Dong Zhi is a busy month for me and i almost complete my 8th Jan workshop items:> see

My personal case studies:> I have seen some students always have many obstacles... Than i ask them to give thanks ancestor with pure heart and donate money to charity and luck do improve. But I warn them, u give thanks to ancestor not because u want good luck, but truly from heart. Thank them.

And this indirectly clear alot obstacles:>

Joss paper normally i will have the few set from Joss paper shop around $7

DongZhi Shopping lucky day

We used to have Dongzhi shopping day:> now is back:>

There will be a DOngzhi shopping page here tomorrow:> U can shop for Dongzhi day:>

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