Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A little note to all new comers.

Image result for thank you so much friends

Remember whatsapp is for my personal de , do proper email if need ask questions ok;))
To learn more about omhealth do visit under about me! Or read my life story website
Omhealth was set up in 1998. And from there is a one man show from charity, to education to blog and articles and even now need to do a LIVE video.

So is not possible for me to reply individual email on like

" Bryan lao shi , i am rat what to buy
" Bryan Lao Shi, can help me see my floor plan
" Bryan Lao Shi, my office north put what?
" bryan lao shi, can tell me how much is 5 d coin
" bryan lao shi, what color heng ball for me
" Bryan lao shi, left right bed put what

Sometimes a email is one sentence/.... Bryan, how to improve luck...

12 animal signs

even a website what to do  update weekly

Shopping cart price list for all items

The list is very long daily. So peak period not possible to answer but u can find at the video here....

But if u try to see this blog u will find all answers i make effort to put in.

Mr Gan  have spend hours to prepare and online. And email is 200 a day so for  above questions is beyond my capability to answer this period:>..... ehehhehe thank u for being so so supportive.

Really thankful for support do read blog ok:>

Today we have very good charity project completed ( the they is me only)

So now i am busy with

1) 8th jan slides
2) Go buy rice buy flower buy medicine
3) Dedicate items to send to

All above one person.

Than after that need to go home take care parents, than after that check orders what stock is low, than need to do facebook and reply messages than need to reply email than need to.....

ahahah but i am glad....

I wrote above because many new comers think we are a big organisation.
Infact is only

Leng and lai have full time job so they use free time to help me
Papa and mama help me coordinate courier.
Cindy  help me registeration admin after work

But i guess we were doing great with ur support. Omhealth is a niche company, we are very different from commercial company, so treat us like ur family way... like lunch time think think am i resting ah... that kind ok:>


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