Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 Love and network

From Jan to June estimate 2017. Luck about love for single and for attached is more about mentor luck.

Oil prescribed is used for final rinse or blend with rice bran oil/neroli massage stomach ,chest or neck. Like 1 drop each on palm and add 4 drops neroli facial Oil.
Neroli facial oil brings love

                                        NUMBER 1

Libra (人气大旺,开心魅力十足)
Gemini ( alot of fun function positive classes and thru attending classes improve relationship Luck)
Aries (many happy meeting with many choices and alot networking opportunities, difficult to choose)

( Aroma Oil for love maintainance : Awakening Oil Blend +  Healing Trees Oil)
Fruits: Apple red
Use lavendula flora water on face with cotton

Leo (love from sibling's friend or from travel or attending classes)
Aquaries (love from overseas is possible, go travel is good)
Pscies (may in love triangle issues, third party may be very generous, but careful third party can be attached)

(Aroma Oil for love maintenance: Fresh morning + Cypress )
Fruits : Pear China

Use Rose hydrosol before attending functions


Tauras  (may have relationship with colleagues),
scorpio (secret love, ),
cancer(love thru introduce by people)

(Aroma Oil for love maintenance: Purification blend + Cedarwood)
Fruits:  Melon
Use magento scrub

Vigro  (careful of money with 烂桃花 love one)
Capricon (too focus on career, do spend time with love one,if single ur heart will be more on work)
Saggitariusmore like networking than relationship in mind, but good to attend more good function very power)

Aroma Oil for love mantenance: ( Victoria sercret + Love miracle blend)
Fruits: Grape

Usages: Aroma for love maintenance:
Use sea salt water bath dab body leave for 3mins and rinse.

Final rinse:
Oil A (3 drops) Plus Oil B (3 drops) in pail of water final rinse
1 drop for Oil A and Oil B and few drops neroli facial oil on palm and massage chest

Rose balm works for all.


Best ren yuan Combinations
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