Sunday, November 20, 2016

Power of 仙人掌果 and promenganate and cherry seed oil

All along I have been researching on a facial oil that is good for skin and also in general luck.

So this is a oil u should use for this few months and have nice glow skin for the new year.

This Granduer blend is a blend of

Cactus fruit seed  ---- represent the breakthrough in life and the remove obstacles
Promenganate seed ---- Happiness and fruitful and auspicious and clear negative debris
Cherry Kernel  ---- Represent health and beauty and pink of health luck

To me cactus fruit prickly bear is extremely good for skin and also the energy is very inspiring.

This facial oil is very impressive. And just within a week pre launch of 15 bottles. 3 customers write in to share on the goodness.
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Benefits for skin 
Follow by the best selling neroli facial Oil
This oil is high in E and K and very essential  fatty acids and antioxidants, 
• Moisturize and soften skin
• Restore collagen elastic of skin
• Fight free radicals that cause signs of aging
• Brighten dark eye circle
Richer in weight and texture than argan oil, prickly pear seed oil is ideal for dry, mature skin types.

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You can easily include facial oil to ur skincare routine and see a change in skin quality. Definitely u will feel smoother and more radiant and a natural glow.
Some people use facial oil before moisturiser some use after . It really depend on how u feel. This facial oil help to keep skin important hydration mechanism to work well and instanly wake up ur skin if u perform the skin massage i show in the video

My suggested way to use facial oil

1) Is better to apply facial oil after face wash or after apply abit serum.Or best after rose or lavender water damp the face. It allows ur glide ur skin nicely . But not to damp.

2) 2 drops for face daily but 4-5 if i am doing facial massage few times a week. Sometimes 1 drop i feel great too.

3) I like to put few drops on palm warm my palm than apply face if combine with moisturiser. Try to use omhealth facial serum before the oil to experience new thing

4) For those dont like apply oil directly can mix on moisturiser a drop on palm and apply.

5) U can mix 2 drop in ur face mask , give a try.

Is now avaliable $55 , under order see how to order

u can email to with name and mobile.

DOnt forget the true brightening mask

few of many feedbacks thanks

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