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Personal (BANK ACCOUNT article)

We have many Bank Account article (see the label beside):> Hope this will bring some inspiration to u:> Life have to go on. really good, no good, end of the day we handle ourselves... so being harmony with environment is the key:>

Today i shall share with u about fengshui and personal luck.
I have given welcome year talk since 2004 and now just nice 1 cycle of 12 animals. First Rooster talk was at HDB hub :> Time flies. And i remember i sell my bracelet to HDB staff, some still wear ahahhaah....

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 How to work with simplest aspect to empower ur life and not to let people instil fear in u.

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Whenever we talk about fengshui and personal luck. We may just think of superstitious items but yet we dont know the true meaning behind. Essence behind.

Fengshui is a study by ancient Chinese to balance a human energy with environment and to balance Yin and Yang. In ancient time why a house face South because so that summer the house will be cooling and Winter will be warm, thats all. But FSM now may say more .... which i ignore... as if i can change my HDB direction... cant right?

When a person learn about 天时地理人和. U will learn that when a person Ren He (in harmony with all) luck will be good.
When a person luck no good, family have alot of illnesses. First beside past karma we need to look at your Ren He (人合). When heaven dont bestow heng in ur family....?

What is 人合?

Whenever it comes to fengshui people put the personal development last and want quick fix. Yes i can give u a quick fix by telling u what to put. Yes u will have the effect for that awhile but the root of issues not handled u wont enjoy true good luck.

U know why I ask u put a 6d coin hulu liulu behind main door every year. Well is to reduce ur fear and also harmonised the house in a simple way. Like when u come home go out see it, u feel protect.

Omhealth since day one is to motivate all who know about omhealth on simple remedies and also accumulating merits and also understand the law of nature.


What is Ren He (Human Harmony)?

Well a person must understand what is Ren He before u can have good luck. 

Ren He 人和 means 

和国家合 ---遵守国家法
和父母合 --- 孝顺父母
if married 夫妻 ---  和 爱人合 (求财求谁,求太太)
if single 和一切合 (见到没见到的人合)[ example , everyday u are meeting alot of people indirectly... example u buy a packet of biscuit.... u are having He YUAN with people who pack the biscuit, people who make the biscuit, farmers who supple wheats etc...., )

when a person understand HE合就能得到人和天地保护。

Fengshui in ancient time is different from now. ALot of things in ancient no need apply here anymore.

Example direction/facing of house. Last time in ancient time, no electricty and no water. As a result the house they build must face or in certain location (fengshui sector).... But people mistaken it now... in this era u see so many condo HDB house in all location, good luck also good luck.... Because we have electricity etc to heat up the house.

Some FSM 硬硬want to follow the book, end up u knock walls or whatever... 

This era now fengshui we focus on personal development.
When a family always have sickness quarrel or luck low. Look at the few points I state above.

First do u love your country , do u have some gratitude to ur country that u stay in, perform charity act in ur country, give thanks to ur country, love ur country?

U see alot of PR friends, when they love Singapore, their luck very good. But if a PR or got a citizen people get the citizen already still complaint about here,.... their luck normally jia lat one. If u dont like here why u want get PR, get already u should contribute positive energy.
感恩心, gratitude in short。 

U see when  a person break the law, of course it will be punish by law and to be in order.

But for us even we dont break the law, do u live in a world of lack gratitude. Do your facebook or conversation with people keep complaining about the MRT keep complaining about this and that... This create a negative KI. And when many people complaint this negative Ki build up , anger build up.

I tell you, human are like that, when u do 10 things good , people dont notice and dont give thanks to u, but out of 10 things, u do one thing incorrect , people remember u. So what I want to say from now onwards, u want to feel good luck. Start posting social media on 善,吉祥,正面能量。this will build a ZHEN KI and go to heaven and bestow good energy.

U see stay in Singapore is very lucky le. No natural disastors etc and well protected. U know why?
This is because of Religious Harmony (合)this allow the country to prosperous. Is we all too take for granted. So if u want from bad luck to good luck in Singapore, very easy... do more good things, say less negative things, start posting positive things in facebook. And motivate people.

When MRT break down: U post

"Hope everyone is alright and may the train recover fast".... this kind of words.


父母和 (apply to father and mother /even parents not around, u can talk to them in ur heart they know)
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I was awaken lately, when i was rude to my parents few weeks ago. I scolded them harshly because they didnt take supplements i bought for them and when mom cooking become salty.

Suddenly next day when I meditate, a sound came to my mind and heart ... Sound of awaken to write this article to share.
When we were young u dont talk back to parents, remember u few months old..... u listen and quiet. When u are older and more educated... sometimes u think u know more than parents and u talk back to them rudely. I ask.... anyone lately shouted at ur parents or when go home, they ask something, u very rude?

Give u an example, when a person break the law, first it disown country (国家不和),than it breaks parents heart (父母不和)result in Heaven and earth cries天哭地哭泣. So the person enter jail ... how can he good luck.

From here we know that, u want stable luck, first respect ur country , respect ur parents. Heaven will bestow a good luck.

This is very simple way of explaining of course.


why i ask so many to chant CUndi mantra many years ago. Is to quiet ur mind every day and than can think. Why ask u all put a black tourmaline bracelet on chest to breathing exercise daily is to connect u to heaven and earth energy.

Anyway.... will talk to u more on 8th Jan 2017 and please students come for the FEB workshop.


Point 3 and 4 u can slowly think... May be from my article write something for point 3 and 4.


Action and say good things in Facebook.

(anyway omhealth facebook, is also under police protection from funny things ahaha) this is call protect from all levels

I am going to put below angel picture in the facebook and i want those who read and click like and than write something positive ok: Good luck can be simple. (find the below pic in my FB and go like it) I will put the below pic in auspicious time. For those dont have facebook is ok. Just read the words below can le.

Heaven give me alot of fans and students, I was thinking why not motivate all to think positive and create a positive energy send to Heaven and heaven bestow wellness to all:>

Luck Renew NOW method:

If luck very block for very long.... Do a Magneto body scrub, after the scrub final rinse body with 5 element oil. Than drink Pomegranate Juice. Than work with DING Oil (new oil) and renew energy.

The juice can be packet one; Also drink gold tea with ginger (u dont have to buy from me is ok, u can get a black tea few slice ginger good also)
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Juice above anytime of day before 4pm

a morning open luck tea


Special Coin Meaning : Now u know this coin is inspire by what? This is the most auspicous coin to have in 2017 and have forever... ANd i hope u can adopt one ok:>
Previous blog, u click has the link explain this coin.

COin of 百无禁忌 and 六合 animal signs
is to inspire u above article:>

Usage of Bai Wu Jin Ji Coin
Carry or put in wallet. U can wear it during auspicious day. Or when u find u need to ignore others negative comments. It fan in good energy from everywhere.
More will be explained soon.

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