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Luck Case Study (Bank Account article)

" Thanks to the two lady who adopted the jade, omhealth as part of public responsibility, we have donated to elderly medicine and also we are planning education fee for singapore student who needs help" .. Thank u. (ehehhee, we only announce after u bought the jade... thank u:)

Well today i decide to write this article. Some of the material here is imparted by a 70 over years old famous prayer aunty who has done prayers for people at Bugis last time where she see so many cases and handle more things fengshui master or any master has handled because she pray daily for people in the 60s 70s 80s, 90s of Singapore. She knows it all.
And she imparted me techniques of reading the lots of Qian last time, but i learn half because ehehehhe not into that.

+++++ So today article is dedicated to her  +++++++++++++++

Aunty Bugis Power  :

(try to translate from cantonese)
Aunty Bugis: "I in prayer work for people more than 30 years from my 30ss to now 70s. I have seen alot. Many times year end is the most happening moment. Bryan this is what i want to tell you."

Year end normally alot issues will happen if people notice

1) Things spoilt or break things, facing hippcups easily
2) Luck unstable and sometimes after a prayers auspicious may have a series of event happen (but this are very good detox, is like a cup of mud water, before the mud can be clear out of the cup of water, it will stir things up. This is the time people faith is being tested.

When she pray for people in year end, she says sometimes some people luck facing alot issues and when ask her to pray, they find why after pray more things than after awhile come back to thank her. ANd she belongs to the scold people type, those scold by her luck change better ahhaha... 

3) Year end from November to Jan (of every year) Learn to give thanks to parents, ancestor from the heart. Do charity. Is a very ironical thing, year end is a projection of the new coming year. Why some people have alot of good luck in the New coming year, is their determination to handle year end. We call it a test and clearing.

4) Also in the year end, if u buy ur friend vitamins , supplements or good luck item, u need to take note... People get sick easily, and good things they dont thank u, but sick because of their own karma, they blame the things u buy for them. Also any thing dont here listen there liste, people year will be very soft when luck no good, end up complicate themselves.. Simplest go Kwan yin temple pray with peaceful heart and seat inside any big temple quitely 15mins. ALot people pray and rush, dont know rush what.

[ Omhealth always tell many customers, sometimes some get the good luck items, experience abit hiccups is normal and than luck smooth]

4) Donate rice and food to people who need.

Bryan's advice

Normally end of year the strong stars are

1) Star of Doing return back
2) Star of irritation and anger
3) Star of blame

are very strong.

i)They are just there to test u. Example, in office u may be having peaceful for a year but year end, a mad dog so call customer irritate ur peace... Well this is the time ur skills of mindfulness comes in.
ii) U bought a  very nice crystals but unknowingly u drop it and start to have fear ... but is nothing
iii) U quarrel with people easily and everything u see may be is in negative side.

What to do? 定心开运 footbath

This is the time to do year end foodbath and also breathing exercise.

Year end foodbath to help clear the mind, better sleep and clear negativity

1) 磁铁 20gram 2)川芎 20gram 3)五加皮 20gram 4) 合欢皮 20gram 5)夜交藤 20gram 6)黄芩 20gram 7)菊花 20gram 8 ) Salt a teaspoon
Boil with 2 litre of water.
omhealth oil : Cypress 5 drops, Ding Oil 5 drops

Above ingredients can be bought from medical hall those HDB one very cheap.

All above ingredient except the essential oil, put in a soup bag or a cloth tie with string. Put in 2 litre of water boil for 5 mins big fire than small fire 20 mins.
Than of fire pour to a pail (plastic is ok  la dont worry) than add the cypress oil and Ding oil. Now steam ur foot ?

Please be mindful steam abit hot move ur foot. DO NOT IMMERSE ur foot to the BOILING water. Steam awhile already like 5mins, add 2 litre of water to it and immerse ur foot inside. Enjoy 15mins.



Remember year end is just a test and prepare u for 2017. It applies  to all. Hippcupon Li Dong is normal which was yesterday:> So please be mindful.

Mindful when u are driving walking and eating. Do deep breathing daily , it will help so much,

Listen to Gao Shan Liu Shui.

Personal Case Study 2006

Back in 2006 a friend of mine (i seldom wanna advise friend, because when people close to u, is the nature they take for granted de) whose luck is low. So after he got married, try and try no baby. So I ask him get a omhealth item. So after 1 year they have baby and ok... Than in 2008 their health always no good and i decide just give them a luck item, the day they receive their car has a breakdown and also the baby sick sick. Than the friend, say the wife not happy why the item bring this to them.... So from that time i decide not to KPO. Than this friend 1 year later call to thank me. And say things are good and say that time the child more sick because always take wrong milk and lucky more sick and send to doctor and found the cause. Also the car break down after receive the luck item, end when send for check... the engine actually long ago has some fault and all along they dont want to service.

There are alot people like that. And sometimes i tell my students, no need promote my things, if they want they buy. Sometimes u give things to people , people dont appreciate. Let them spend money buy. But coming to that, what i mean is , if u friend need help in distress like hunger or etc. help them.  Luck wise.. hmmm ask them read blog.

For me now... When people ask me, will this item bring super luck or things... I dont reply. I ask them read all omhealth articles.

The reason why omhealth invented this coin. Is like everyone to have a peace at heart so whatever we face and challenge to take note is our own mind not mindful and this will pass when we get back our energy and help on the way. To me Help is always around. Also keeps things simple, there are more and more weird group , just believe in Kwan Yin Pu Sa, He/She is all and dont complicate things.

Omhealth 2 new items: Bai Wu Jin Ji Coin is exremely good to have to remind us of this and learning to adjust energy and the Liu He Gui ren animal helps in having good Gui ren.

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