Sunday, November 27, 2016

Festive Gift service

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xmas is round the corner, give ur friends a full set of oil with angel. Make ur present more fun by give them a note how to use the oil.

Omhealth can courier ur friends with the properties, u can request to print the below properties and send ur friends or need not to, specify

Set A: Immune and healing and JOY

Free healing angel: Healing trees oil, PAF LIME, Healing Frankincense, Ten Spice Oil

Set B: Anti aches, dampness and cleansing

U can print this in color paper and give to friends: Or u want can ask omhealth print and send to ur friends with the package:> STate clearly

Hi is festive season, this are the oil set that can help release stress and balance body mind emotion

courier fees $3 applies here.

Set A: ($170)

1)Healing Trees Oil: This is a very powerful blend for health, a blend of Spruce, Pine, Cypress, Fir and Palmorosa
2) PAF Lime: Is a very happy joyful oil and remind of childhood happiness
3) Ten Spice Oil: Is a powerful immune booster and can mix with carrier oil massage stomach
4) Healing frankincense: U can put a drop in a mug water gargle for cough or sore throat or a drop apply chest for restful sleep

Set B: ($174)

1) Lavendula vera: A drop on its own bring sudden calmness, the scent of this species is one of the most powerful lavendula vera, sweetness and it can be use to apply on skin direct for cut burns and infections. Or when u squeeze pimples, apply with cotton , wll prevent scar
2) Peppermint: Highest quality peppermin, a drop on palm warm ur palm apply neck shoulder and inhale, release pain headaches
3) Marjoram: For deep relaxation and muscle relaxant. Together with lavendula peppermint and marjoram form the famous 3 oil methos for neckache or bad pain.
4)5 element, can be use in cleansing house,, washing machine and also refreshes house energy
5)Bryan relax blend: Use for footbath for tiredness, or 5 drops in small pail of warm water and use a face towel scrub body, u can feel instant relief from all kind stress.

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