Sunday, October 30, 2016

Omhealth Black Tourmaline since 2001

2016 year comes to an end. but this 3 month between October to December is important as it will be a reflection of good 2017. But this few months many will feel emotionally challenged like feeling out of sort and unhappy or anger for no reason.

So remember drink GOLD tea with ginger or louts seed soup more.

Use your black tourmaline bracelet now and leave on ur chest lie down on bed for 5mins with a soothing music for breathing exercise.

Let ur family day time drink gold tea with 2 slice of ginger , u will feel good and ok:> Try it:>

U can start order ur Black tourmaline now with ur name, DOB wrist size and email to

Payment to be made before delivery. Gold tea and Dried Ginger is avaliable

Omhealth has launched the first good quality black tourmaline with Tzi in 2001. The Tzi used was according the 2001 to 2012 energy and 12 years of that which that time use that Tzi to make. And can wear forever

Our TZI and Black tourmaline is tested and not fake one. And is good quality.

In 2012 I started my first temple project and we upgraded the BT to new energy forms.

And we are now in version 2.2. We design black tourmaline not because of fashion or u liking but base on your needs. We dont mass produce each design taking into considerations.

Version one is no longer avaliable and the new version is as show below since 4 years ago in 2012.
Black tourmaline bracelet is the bracelet that I design with alot good energy and is amazing item

There are many shops wanted me to design bracelet for them to sell but i didn't want to. As each Tzi and black tourmaline is design with energy healing and flowers essence.  
Omhealth is known for black tourmaline bracelet unique activation and intention of pure mindfulness and is a bracelet u wear forever. And even u dont need to forever wear u can put in bag and hold it sometimes to do breathing exercise

The key of using BT is hold and do breathing exercise.

Since 2001 , the number of feedback is alot and I am glad it motivates many to have better energy and life and do compassion work.


Price is $338 to $480,

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