Sunday, October 30, 2016

普安咒 (2017 talk we will talk about this)

This is a wonderful mantra i learn about 10 years ago:>

And is a very Original Zen Mantra since 1115 moe than thousand years old.

Artist of different place even play musical instrument of this mantra.

According to ancient

this mantra is a acombination of many vowels and vibrations. So is very good to drive away insects and also peace and protections.

《普庵咒》是由许多单音参差组合,构成一个自然的旋律,犹如天地人相互交融,令人自然进入清净空 的境界,并能与普庵禅师有求必应的菩萨精神感应道交,念诵起来非常灵验。 此咒可普安十方、驱除虫蚁、蚊蚋不生、消灾解厄、镇煞安胎、驱邪除秽、逢凶化吉。常予持诵可令风调雨顺、五谷丰登、六畜繁殖、万事如意。

In Chinese Musical Arts is a poems of powerful GUZHEN to play this song.


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