Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Insect repellent

Omhealth Insect repellent is one that u can keep at home.

Among all aromatherapy insect repellent, this is very effective and also affordable.

Is $28 for a bottle. The new batch will be here on Friday 2016.
U can order now from
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Hi all, lately we find that alot payment delayed for 3 weeks or more because some orders are thru email.

I am really busy and hope u can make pyament asap . By right should pay first than we deliver but lately we so busy and we just deliver first.

regards Omhealth

Omhealth insect repellents properties

DO not contain ingredients that harm the earth. Is a blend of oil which helps prevent mosquito bites, it does not kill mosquitoes. It only repels these insects by blocking the scent that attracts these bugs, causing them to become disoriented.

U can spray on ur cloth or legs.

Essential oil like lemongrass are natures very own ‘insect repellents’. Plants produce essential oils specifically as a self defence mechanism against would-be predators. 

Tiny oil producing glands within the leaves evolved millions of years ago to prevent the plant from literally being eaten alive by insects, and it’s obviously been a highly effective strategy.
Today we can extract these essential oils and use them to defend ourselves against the very same predators without exposing ourselves to the nasty chemicals found in some products that have unwanted side effects. Isn’t nature wonderful! You probably already have some of the insect repelling essential oils you’ll need, so here are a few tips how to use them to protect against a hostile invasion.
For rub on skin

Sometimes u can put 2 tablespoon of rice bran oil in a old essential oil bottle and add 15 drops of essential oil like
Mix below, purification blend, 5 element oil, rose geranium, lemongrass oil

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