Friday, September 16, 2016

8th OCtober 2016 (special Heng day)

Another 20 seats left (old students register fast)

8th October 2016 is a special day

Day before my birthday (why still organise a exercise class) and normally i go holiday one. But I find i need to share good exercise with all and benefit more people:>

I didnt know until today that 8th and 9th October have Medicine Buddha Puja .
And I will want to wish everyone good health.

8th October 2016
Venue: CSC
Comes in exercise attire

5 Element exercise class with Bryan and A famous Taiji Music Movement teacher

1) Learn body movement with music half hour conducted by the teacher Miss WH.
2) The rest of the day u will learn the yin yang double ball exercise (Yin Yang ball included)
3) Simple breathing and herbs meridians knowledge
4) Meditation breathing exercise
5) Practical do together leg massage

Fees: $55
Material : Yin Yang Healing Wood Ball (is really a gift from my birthday as this set ball worth $45)

On my birthday, I wish family health good and all customers good health also.
On the 9th , i will pray for all of customer to be happy too:> I think thats what omhealth does.

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