Monday, August 22, 2016

This month do it: Clear the negative

When sickness star flies to center of flying star which i mentioned since this year many times. U need to reflect on ur health. What u do now is a reflection and recovery and better health later half of the year.

Do the Patch detox 2 days (is not my brand , u can buy other brand, but for this i research they have full pure ingredients). Also take 2 avalon aloe vera for two evening at 10pm. Take le no need take.

Perform Power Bath with Bryan relax blend is important.


 1) Get the $3 peach share among family , helps to energise the Ki bring happiness 
2) One mango eat before 12pm , clear Xiao ren.
3) Bryan's Gold tea a teaspoon and 2 slice ginger, clear the dull energy, find good job and good news

Before do above perform 2 days below if u can.


Bryan Lao Shi detox for luck: Help to remove past old injuries and body remain of negativity. Cleanse ur body from inside out and out to inside.
Bring good energy to body. After the second day feel renew and also use magneto scrub.

At any time, u can use ur own brand, My main purpose to share is it works. So do the foot detox follow by internal detox. U can use ur own dont know what supplements or tea if u have.

But personally this two is best so far.

Above is cleanse from inside out and out and inside.

I dont know how to explain la. Is not my product or I am not spokesman. 

U can also take other brand patch or even take the Ezyfeel if u dont have this avalon. But if u can afford try one time, u get what i mean

Buy the patch from

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