Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Salt method and appreciate

I This blog has been a free information for many on the forecast of method to handle difficult months ; salt method was a method by a master to handle difficult months or situation in life;

If u think carefully every month I will give some advice and warning using simplest food cure and methods to improve luck; but again what u need to face u need to;
Except it provides a cushion for u;

I remember once a master teach a student to use salt method and that month she has many event happening; and question the master why! Well the master says if without the salt method u will go thru more; 
Human are like that, they don't see the good behind but love to question the negative ;

Anyway the salt method of mine is used in media and many has tried and help a lot; below is a student that use salt method and help many of her friends

The salt method is to enable many to handle the difficult period and doesn't me once u put u avoid; 

I have mentioned this two months is tough so the salt method is to give u support and what u need to go thru u need to go thru ok!

Do u know why some
Master don't want to teach many things? Because the process of clearing is like cleaning mud water, I say until I faint also people just focus on the negative but didn't know before u can achieve positive things u will need to clean the negative up

Wearing black tourmaline Braceelt!
Sometimes when a person luck not good they decide to get a black tourmaline bracelet and when wear some a few weeks may have more issues to handle! This is a way to detox and to face issues from within; 
I have a client who are so stubborn in life after wearing let her learn lessons and avoid her from facing big problems and when she think back really a amazing energy of black tourmaline! 

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