Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Reply ur email by tomorrow latest.

I have used my omhealth request to ask Panasonic not to put this poster until a month later. And hope u know the effort behind.

Only those with confirmation email will enter and check by the Security

Hi all, i have asked Panasonic to hold on publicity for a month and open this yearly free talk to facebook and blog readers because is a talk where panasonic own's client will ballot to come. And within 3 days Cindy use her after office hour to reply single email and she has sent out confirmation email but many have not reply. Do remember this is a prestige talk and alot effort made for door gifts and also food included.

So those who have registered and we have asked for confirmation do reply ur email within tomorrow . As Cindy is waiting if not will be released to others. Hmmm u know ma, is an extra effort for u all. So u must make an effort.
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