Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Beginning of Chinese Lunar 8


the tough 7th month comes to an end. Testing of ur health, emotion and relation for many is not easy. But luckily at all times, u will find it turns out ok. The transition of star will result in sudden awakening or feeling better from worst state in life.

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Mini Lesson for u lunar 8th month

As star of practical and star of existence arrival. Many things is not what u expect will happen.

Example: Sometimes u were so lucky and was given blessing by a high monk or master. After blessings, that month u have more issues than before. Smart people with wisdom will notice is actually clearing of negatvity. But people with little faith will start to think why and even blame the master. And when things get better, this people feel sorry. So I totally want to tell u take note of these. U may enter a temple with alot of blessing or auspiciousness (this is ur karma good good) but when test come, u must stay on faith by talking to "Guan Yin Ma:." And when all negativity ended u will feel blessed and very renew.

I have many cases where some students went to a good energy temple to light Lamp Offerings. Light already that month sick and sick and sick. Than starts to look for things to blame. And actually is themself anyhow eat or weather no good.

Again at anytime dont forget . Ur prayers and merits will not be wasted. And many times the things happen is lighten alot le . Do appreciate the energy.

Things u can order

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So what you can do now is ACTIVATE THE CHINESE LUNAR 8TH MONTH

Ur 6 D hulu behind door has do alot block block for u. Rub 3 drops 5 element oil on it.


1) 1st to 8th September wash ur toilet (choose any day any time) using the wash toilet method
2) Make my omhealth ginger tea with brown sugar and 3 red dates for family. If dont have use normal ginger will do.
This method clear the negativity of YINness and Bring the  YANGness to body.
3) Buy some fruits for any elderly (should have peach inside) this will ensure they all have good health for next 3 months.
4) If u can start drink the Peony White tea from omhealth before 3pm daily. This purify ur aura, allow good energy opportunities to appear. Those who look for job can quickly find new job. Also office difficult people will tone down . But sometimes u think, are u the person being difficult.
5) Health very poor one past 1 month, u can apply peppermint oil tissue inhale and than press below 3 mins a day

6) Inspect ur wardrope and choose 2 items u dont want anymore and donate it out or recycle . There willl be some cloth that u have wear before when something no good happen in ur life. Try to find and put in recycle bin or donate away.
7) Wipe ur main door and door number with damp cloth with 10 drops Awakening  oil. This awaken ur house energy.

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