Friday, July 22, 2016

Special promo a day

Ten set only order this two coil incense and receive a ten goodness table display ; Is a symbol they say to  dispel negativities and afflictions caused by planetary, cosmic and Feng Shui cyclic changes.

is call a kalachakra symbol. can see in many temples. I decide to make it as a gift for those who adopt incense. And limited for today. The metal use is not top quality but the painted area is very high quaity. The base all these may tarnish but not the painted area.
(not for sale)
Kalachakra Tenfold Powerful symbol is a very important protection amulet in Tibet. Kalachakra is Time Wheel literally in Chinese. Tenfold Powerful symbols are consisting of 3 pictures and 7 Devanagari. 3 pictures are sun, semi-circular moon and dissolving flame whilst 7 Devanagari is seven syllables (Ham Ksha Ma La Va Ra Ya ). 
U can put office table good la:>


This place on table is very auspicious to represent goodness and correct negative effects; is done on simple metal but the image is clear and activated as a 心意for all

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