Friday, July 22, 2016

Mystic Knot and Fresh Morning Oil

Today Special Day

1) Mystic Knot with Fresh Morning oil at $78 (can be a gift for friends and put more than one at home)
2) Heng Ball making period , u can order now:>
3) Black tourmaline bracelet will be made base on request thru email
4) Special Serum set (10 sets) of Antiage Serum (use day) and Magwhite Serum (use night) at $100.
5) DragonBlood Eye Gel $55 and DragonBlood $80 face antiwrinkle glow gel and Rose Face Pump Flower Mask $68 at $188 (was $203)
6) Rose otto Hydrosol + Lavender Grapefruit extract Water + Face and eye mask (power whitening and hydrating) at $150 was $158

Above promotion in impromtu starts today and end tomorrow 10am:>

Email to with name and mobile. And also payment to be made before courier to u and takes 4 days:>

All will receive a marble activated on auspicious day and put in house with $1 coin.

Special Day Set above is $78 , courier fee $5.
Normal Price: Mystic Knot $68 and Fresh Morning oil $45

Fresh Morning Oil

This is a grassy blend feeling freshly walking along the gardens. It was inspired by my Morning Botanical Garden walk.

This oil i will use in my body rinse if the day I wake up with slight heaviness.

5 drops in a small pail of warm water and final rinse my body after shower.

Fresh Morning Oil

10 drops in a pail of water wipe floor. U will know the difference.

Important of Morning 3 mins breathing exercise.

Look, u should be in the stage that feeling tired to do anything in the morning because u prefer to sleep abit more or just rush to work. But by neglecting a slight proper breathing. Ur luck energy, ur aura , ur health will not improve.

What is LUCK? Luck is 运气。运用身体无量的气与宇宙的气增加好磁场。

3 mins Breathing exercise

One hand chest one hand tummy. this touch therapy will balance ur system and also ur luck aura.

2 drops of fresh morning oil on ur wrist. rub and warm. Dont inhale first. Just rub and warm.
Than close ur eyes, turn on a music from youtube of 3mins. Relax and say

"I am vibrating in highest energy and all my organs are awake and healthy."

Than with eyes open, use your right thumb rub the mystic knot 9 times.


Significant of rubbing Mystic Knot.

The activated mystic knot was introduced by omhealth more than 10 years. Rubbing mystic knot disperse uncertainity and fear.

In ancient belief
harmonious flow of auspicious energy uninterrupted by any setbacks, misfortunes or accidents. Because of this, the symbol is often used in feng shui amulets for abundance, love and protection

FOr Fengshui it can be put anywhere. But u can also hang at SW area of ur room or house to improve family relationship. Using this symbol in the Southwest of the office brings good business and workers all happy.

Daily breathing for people with health issues:
A drop of purification inspiration blend wrist,
take 9 deep breaths starting from deep in your belly all the way up through your upper lungs. Breathe in through your nose slowly until your lungs are fully inflated and then breathe out through your mouth until you push all the air out.
NOTE: Many people have chronic health issues is because drink less water and oxgen level in blood low.
And the body treats the food as a toxin, allergen or threat and initiates an immune response toward the food. If you suffer from chronic sickness like sadness, depression or fatigue ,food allergies, start performing the deep breathing exercises before meals and you should start noticing better digestion and feel better within weeks.


Special news today: For all students who have involve in charity of rebuilding Stupa in nepal. Ur statues names is inside the Stupa and also dedicate to all Omhealth students.

This pic was sent to omhealth today.

All this pic is sent to omhealth today. The energy very powerful. u can feel it the tingling effect for some who are sensitive. make a wish and send to all beings and say some prayers.
Nepal Buddha stupa (part of exclusive omhealth group sponsors and pictures)

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